What Can Sobriety Mean for You?

What Can Sobriety Mean for You?

Approaching recovery can be daunting, overwhelming and anxiety-inducing for many of us. We’re afraid to do the hard work necessary for recovery. We’re hesitant to leave behind the comforts of our familiar lifestyles. We’re afraid to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and to sacrifice the drugs of choice we’ve become so dependent upon. We doubt our ability to get better. We give in to the limiting beliefs telling us we can’t do it. When we’re filled with fear and resistance, it is so helpful to remind ourselves of all the things sobriety can mean for us. When we focus on everything we’re gaining in sobriety, rather than the things we think we’re losing or giving up, it’s much easier to stay aligned with our recovery goals and keep ourselves on track. What can sobriety mean for us?

Sobriety is freedom from dependence. We become liberated from the desperation, neediness and attachment we’ve felt for years. We no longer need a substance or behavior as a crutch. We don’t need something outside of ourselves to make us feel better about ourselves. We’re not seeking validation, affirmation or approval in external sources. We become more self-reliant, independent and autonomous. As a result, we feel more in control of our lives, our daily routines, our thoughts and emotions. We no longer feel like we’re spinning out of control, caught in endless cycles of self-destruction and self-sabotage. We feel more grounded and centered, more rooted in the truth of who we are. We’re able to focus on our goals with more determination and positivity.

With sobriety comes a mental and emotional clarity many of us haven’t experienced in a long time. We’re finally able to think more clearly, without the anxiety, confusion and mental cloudiness of substance use. We’re able to prioritize our health and well-being. We have more energy. We start to sleep better. We regain our normal appetite. We start to feel lighter, less sick and more like ourselves. We’re able to give time to our self-care and spiritual practices. We’re able to be more present in our daily lives, for the things and people we love. We’re able to reconnect with the people we may have neglected to our addictions, and we start repairing damaged relationships. We have the self-awareness and are in a solid enough place to start making amends to the people we hurt. Layers of shame and regret start to fall away. We reconnect with our inner selves, and we start to heal from all the self-rejection and self-deprecation we’ve been punishing ourselves with. We’re able to undertake the journey to self-love and self-acceptance.

Sobriety is transformational and can help us turn our entire lives around. Everything we think we’re going to be losing or missing out on pales in comparison to everything we’re gaining. When we’re feeling weak or struggling with our recovery goals, focusing on what sobriety means to us can help us remember why we’re doing this important work, and why we must keep going no matter what.

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