What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment, and How Can it Help Me?

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment, and How Can it Help Me?

Dual diagnosis care is the treatment of addiction along with the other issues and illnesses that often accompany it, including depression and anxiety, as well as other forms of addiction such as gambling and sex addiction. When we’re struggling with addiction, we often are also contending with other equally destructive conditions. Mental health illnesses can be similarly debilitating and when untreated will often work in tandem with our addictions to weaken and destroy us. Treatment programs that offer dual diagnosis care will help you to address and heal not only your addictions but your other conditions as well.

With dual diagnosis treatment, we receive education on the common underlying issues that cause, contribute to and exacerbate our addiction and mental health issues, such as the traumatic experiences we’ve sustained but haven’t yet addressed. Therapy provides us a safe space to revisit and examine our trauma. We’re supported through the process of analyzing our thoughts, emotions and fears. We work to identify the habits, cycles and patterns that we’ve adopted over the years that are contributing to our conditions. We practice healthy coping mechanisms and learn new life skills to develop new habits and patterns. We make conscious changes to our ways of thinking, our behavioral patterns and our emotional responses. We learn how to handle ourselves in healthy ways and how to shed the self-destructiveness we’ve been developing for much of our lives.

With dual diagnosis care, we gain newfound clarity and perspective on our lives and our conditions. We often have been suffering without knowing exactly why. We might know we are addicts, but we might not have been diagnosed with a mental illness, so we’ve been struggling to understand why we think, feel and behave the way we do. Receiving the right diagnosis can be empowering because we’re no longer in the dark about such important aspects of our personalities, our conditions and our lives. Things start to make more sense for us. We shed layers of confusion and inner turmoil because we have a new understanding about ourselves. We start to have more hope that we can heal, because we have the very important foundation of self-awareness. We start to regain faith in ourselves, because we feel more connected to ourselves and less alienated from our truth.

Our issues are often complex and interrelated. When working to recover, dual diagnosis care can be the gateway to deeper, more comprehensive healing.

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