What the Meth High Feels Like

What the Meth High Feels Like

Meth is a very powerful and addictive drug that is supposed to be used to treat ADHD but can cause irregular heartbeat, euphoria, and heart failure. Meth can give people pleasant feelings, especially during times of stress, but the negative side effects are generally ignored. It is important that you go to treatment to relieve yourself of your meth addiction before it completely ruins your life.

Meth can give users feelings of pleasure, confidence, and energy. It can give you a rewarding feeling that motivates you to want more and more of the drug. Meth can also help you escape painful memories or difficult circumstances but these feelings are temporary. This is what causes someone to be an addict in that they feel the need to use more and more to establish that feeling. You have a tendency to seek more meth to escape the negative emotions or problems that come from meth. You no longer care about anything anymore including your health which can lead to develop severe tooth decay called “meth mouth.” You also stop taking care of your kids, going to work, and paying your bills.

Meth can also give you the illusion of being more powerful and productive. You can become more outgoing, socially confident, and talkative. Your behavior will start to look bizarre from a third party but you do not notice until you become clean. The only people you decide to associate yourself with are other meth addicts instead of being around those who love you. Meth can also give you a superiority complex but also make you feel nervous, paranoid, and aggressive.

There are also physical side effects as well to meth in how you experience heart beat or rhythm changes, sweating, feeling hot or cold, nausea or vomiting. When your brain is associated with the symptoms of pleasure, it becomes tolerant of the unpleasant side effects. It can be hard to sleep and you become fidgety where it feels like bugs are crawling all around you. This can make you open wounds that turn into scars called “meth sores.” Not doing anything about your meth addiction can result grave problems such as heart problems, seizures, and death. Since meth is made in labs, it is hard to tell how toxic the substance is. Do not wait for the worst to happen to get help. A temporary high is not worth permanent problems.

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