Addiction can affect anyone. Whether you are younger or older, a professional or a student, whether you got prescribed drugs or offered them, drugs are everywhere. Whether your addiction is recent or long-standing, it has already begun to erode the quality of your life, and that’s why you’re here. Addiction requires professional help because drug use does not make you an expert on recovery.

Bayview Recovery welcomes men and women over the age of 18 who need substance abuse and mental health treatment to overcome addiction. We offer residential rehabilitation and recovery options that include medical detox as well as a comprehensive offering of treatments and therapies that includes options right for everyone. The in-depth experience of our staff allows us to tailor a program that’s right for your personality and needs so you can enjoy a sustainable recovery.

A medical solution is not enough, however, since addiction is not merely a medical problem. Most people begin using to answer another problem in their life, not just a chemical imbalance. Failing to deal with the reasons which underlie your use gives you an incomplete recovery and leaves you vulnerable to relapse in the future. Bayview Recovery wants to help you fill in those gaps, so you don’t go back to drugs for those missing pieces. You deserve a joyful, fulfilled life. What’s missing isn’t drugs. What’s missing is joy.

Are you in first-time recovery?

Bayview Recovery can help. During a first-time recovery, you have an incredible opportunity to eliminate your drug use, control your addiction and begin a new life founded on healthy living — physically, emotionally and spiritually. (No, we don’t mean religion — but that’s OK, too — we mean honoring your most authentic self.). Yet, recovery scares a lot of people.

You might fear letting go of your drug of choice, and you might fear going back to it. You might also fear opening up to someone about what’s really going on, why you started drugs and why you continued. You might fear all the attention and feel like a spotlight is being placed on you and all your actions. You might feel uniquely flawed and fear you’re the only one.

The truth is, you are the only you. And yes, you and your addiction — the reasons you started and continued — are unique. To get past drugs, you need a treatment plan as unique as you are. You are the only you, and you, your story and your success are precious. Bayview Recovery provides you with the medical treatment you need to beat addiction, but while you’re here, you will feel seen, honored — and yes — loved.

We want this to be your first and last recovery. We believe in you.

Do you need treatment for a dual diagnosis?

Bayview Recovery can help. Sadly, drug abuse, addiction and mental health problems go hand-in-hand. Extended drug use can unearth problems that maybe you could control or ignore beforehand, and just as often, drug abuse begins as a way to treat or manage undiagnosed mental health problems.

If you suffer from both problems, you have a dual-diagnosis which can be more complicated — but not impossible — to treat. Individuals who have a dual-diagnosis often face a double stigma which prevents many of them from seeking the treatment they need.

Dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders that frequently appear with substance abuse include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

However, a dual-diagnosis is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. During a dual-diagnosis treatment, you can expect to have intensive and focused consultations with a mental health professional experienced with addiction treatment after you have medically-separated from your substance.

Their focus will be to help you deal with the issues which initiated or sustained your drug habit, and psychological counseling may be an important part of your aftercare treatment. Yes, treatment will be hard but not harder than the alternative, a life of addiction, health problems and the risk of irreversible harm to you and your loved ones.

Have you experienced a relapse?

Bayview Recovery can help. A relapse from drugs or alcohol poses special dangers. First of all, if you have relapsed, this doesn’t mean you’re flawed or that you’ve failed. It means you did not have a complete recovery the first time around. While it’s important to understand what didn’t happen during your first recovery and why, the most important goal is to get back into recovery before problems get worse. You don’t want to wait to get treatment until you have health problems which treatment can’t solve.

Bayview Recovery treats relapse differently than a first-time recovery. We have to. Overdoses most commonly occur when an individual has relapsed after an incomplete recovery. We take extra precautions to make sure you safely part from your drug of choice, and your follow-up treatment will likely be more focused and intense. Also, you may have a more involved aftercare program after you leave Bayview Recovery. Whatever issues led to your relapse will be confidently addressed. A relapse is serious, but with Bayview Recovery on your side, we know a relapse is not the end of the story.

Call Bayview Recovery Today To Start Your Treatment

You can enjoy a healthier, happier life without the constant threats and dangers of drugs and alcohol, but to do so, you must get professional treatment. Whatever your particular concerns, if you have ever struggled with drugs, alcohol, addiction or the problems that often accompany substance use, Bayview Recovery has the qualifications and experience to meet you where you are and commitment to see you through.

Our doctors, psychologists and medical staff have seen it all and can quickly but thoroughly assess your set of symptoms and tailor a treatment plan around your personality and needs that treats your addiction and can help you manage triggers for life. That’s right — for life. Treatment at Bayview Recovery doesn’t end with your stay. When you need us, Bayview Recovery will be there for you. That’s Bayview Recovery’s commitment to you.

Call 888-570-7154 today to talk to one of our treatment specialists about what you’re struggling with and how Bayview Recovery can help. We can also make sure your insurance covers your treatment. We get it — it can be difficult to talk about your problems and you’re probably worried about cost, too. Bayview Recovery will make getting started as easy and comfortable as possible. We want you to get well, and we want you to start today.