Why Being Happy for Other People is Good for Your Mental Health

Why Being Happy for Other People is Good for Your Mental Health

One of the greatest emotional contributors to our mental health issues, and therefore our addictions, is our insecurity and lack of self-esteem. We grew up believing we’re not good enough. We internalized our traumas and our wounds as being evidence of our unworthiness. Consciously we are working towards our goals, but deep down we don’t feel deserving of attaining them. Our fears of inadequacy and inferiority permeate everything we do, think and feel. When we are deeply insecure and devoid of self-confidence, we tend to envy the people who embody the things we want for ourselves. We resent their happiness, success and popularity. We begrudge them all their blessings that we desperately wish we too could have. Rather than be happy for them, we fear we’ll never measure up, and we fear we’ll never get the things we want in life. We’re afraid of failing. We’re afraid we’ll never get married or be parents. We’re deeply afraid we’ll end up unhappy and alone, unsuccessful and unfulfilled. What we often don’t realize is that being happy for other people is actually good for our mental, emotional and spiritual health, and ultimately it helps us to manifest the lives we want for ourselves.

When we are full of envy, we are carrying an energy of fear. That fear is the energy with which we are manifesting. When we’re afraid we won’t be happy, for example, we’re emitting an energy of lack. We’re so focused on our lack of happiness and our dissatisfaction with our current circumstances that we fail to see we have the power to bring about totally different circumstances in our lives. We’ll be able to attain the happiness we’re seeking when we can match and emit that same energy.

One of the best ways we can do this is by genuinely being happy for other people’s happiness, success, blessings and good luck. Feeling this way doesn’t always come naturally to us, so it’s something we have to commit to practicing. When we’re filled with envy, our instinct is often to speak negatively of the person we feel triggered by. We downplay and minimize their accomplishments. We feel tempted to speak ill of them, and to resent, and even hate them. Instead, let’s practice forming completely different thought patterns, ones that are based on gratitude and grace and which will help us to attract the very same things we want into our lives.

“I’m happy for her. I know I can manifest everything I want for myself, too.

I’m grateful she’s living her dreams, I am living my dreams too.

I respect and admire her. I am working to develop the same characteristics in myself that I admire in her. I am good enough. I’m not in competition with anyone else. I am focused on my path.”

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