Why is Holistic Healing Important?

Why is Holistic Healing Important?

Many of our approaches to healing addictions and mental health issues are focused on the mind, on our thinking and thought patterns. We use talk-therapy as our main go-to form of therapy. Our approach tends to be cerebral in nature. We rely on our intellect to try to think our way out of our issues. The problem with this lies in the fact that we are complicated people with complex emotions. We are spiritual beings with a connection to spirit. When we ignore our bodies, hearts, souls and spirits, we neglect the things that make us who we are, and very often we don’t heal in a deep way. To recover from our addictions, depression and other mental health issues, we need a complete transformation, and to achieve this, we need to approach our healing holistically.

Holistic healing practices take into account the whole person. They address an illness as being a manifestation of a person’s whole self, not just their mental issues. They see all our symptoms and illnesses as being related and connected. They look at the underlying issues contributing to our addictions – the trauma, unresolved fears and unhealed wounds. They know that our minds didn’t create our afflictions on their own, so to heal them, we can’t only deal with our minds.

Our thought patterns are a fundamental part of our challenges, but there are many other factors to examine that can all play a role. Bio-chemical factors such as hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, eating disorders and sleep patterns can all impact our mental health and addictions. Our emotional health is often a factor. We neglect how we feel to prioritize what we think. Our emotions get buried beneath the logistics of our lives. We stifle our emotions to focus on our work. We reject our emotions because they challenge us and make us look at everything in our lives more honestly – our patterns, our relationships, our weaknesses. Our spiritual health, which is also a factor in our mental health issues and addictions, can be completely forgotten and ignored altogether. We forget that we are connected to a higher power. We think we’re meant to face life and all its difficulties alone. We separate ourselves from our inner selves, and from other people, which can both contribute to our feeling depressed, isolated and completely disconnected spiritually.

Holistic healing examines our overall health, our physical, emotional and spiritual health, in addition to our mental health. It addresses all of these important factors in our overall wellbeing. We are complex people, and our different parts all contribute to our poor health. Being in good health means addressing all of our parts.

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