Why is Negative Anticipation So Harmful?

Why is Negative Anticipation So Harmful?

The power of our imagination can be a destructive thing. It can cause us to anticipate the worst. We think in worst case scenarios and plan for the worst possible outcome in any given situation. We lose our optimism and hopefulness. We stop being able to think positively. These negative thought patterns can make things so much worse for us. We start to attract what we don’t want rather than working to manifest what we do want. Our fears start to appear as if they’re true. We start to believe that our fears are real, and that we were justified in being so afraid all along. Negative anticipation can hinder our recovery and keep us stuck in our suffering. When it comes to our addictions, it can totally undermine our capacity for change and healing.

Many of us don’t believe in our ability to recover because we’ve been developing insecurity and self-rejection alongside our addictions and mental health issues. Our fears of inadequacy permeate every facet of our lives, making us feel as though we’re not good enough in every arena – our relationships, our manifestation power to make our dreams come true, our own resources to make changes in our lives and get better. We simply don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t believe we can get better, because deep down we hate ourselves. Subconsciously we don’t actually want to get better because deep down we don’t want to be happy. We don’t want to do the hard work of recovery. We’re filled with self-doubt. We don’t love, accept or respect ourselves.

Sometimes we anticipate the worst for our recovery because we’ve already tried, unsuccessfully, to recover. We may be filled with disappointment at our failed attempts. We might be embarrassed and ashamed of ourselves. We think that the past is a predictor of the future. We think that our past selves are a direct reflection of who we will inevitably be in the future. We believe that our patterns and cycles are set in stone, that our behaviors and habits can’t be changed. We fail to realize that with a different approach, better resources and more support, we can have a totally different experience moving forward.

Negative anticipation makes us think the worst not only of ourselves but of humanity in general. We refuse to believe that people can change. We think everyone is automatically resigned to continue the same destructive patterns of their pasts, families and illnesses. We may have witnessed other people fail at their own recovery attempts, or relapse once they achieved some success. We’ve lost faith in our power. We’ve given up hope. When we are consumed with negative anticipation, we’re doing ourselves a huge disservice in our recovery and stifling our chances of getting better. Healing requires that we consciously shift our perspective and learn how to implement positive thinking in our recovery.

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