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About Bayview Recovery Center

Bayview Recovery Center offers proven outpatient treatment programs at our Tacoma WA drug rehab center. Our services can provide varying levels of care, which allows each client to find an effective and accessible recovery program for them. At Bayview, your recovery includes proven therapies, administered by the most respected addiction specialists in the industry.

Gender Specific Treatment

Addiction treatment is not one size fits all. To accommodate this, Bayview offers both mens addiction treatment programs and womens addiction treatment programs. Each is designed to offer focused therapy options for the unique needs of men and women.

Mental Health Treatment

Addiction rarely occurs without complications. Many times, mental health issues either lead to or are caused by a substance abuse issue. Bayview’s mental health treatment center tackles both problems at once in order to provide more comprehensive treatment.

Bayview Recovery Center is in-network with several insurance providers.

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