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Entering the unknown can make the prospect of rehab a daunting one. It’s why so many people continue living on with drug addiction, even knowing the damage that it’s causing to their life. They question whether receiving treatment at a drug rehab near Kent will even work for them. What happens if they relapse? How can they make sure they get the most effective treatment?

These are just a few of the many questions people ask as they contemplate leaving a life of drug addiction behind. It helps to understand what rehab involves and what to expect after completing a program. To learn about Bayview Recovery Center’s treatment options, contact our team today at 855.533.0409 for more information.

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Why Choose Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Kent

Washington state makes for a unique setting for any substance use treatment center. First, you will notice that the mountains, ocean, and forests are close by, providing you with a pristine natural setting. However, when choosing a site like Bayview Recovery, you still remain close to the amenities of major cities such as Tacoma, Seattle, and Kent.

Getting close to nature provides you with many opportunities to look at beautiful landscapes and engage in fun outdoor activities. Our site in this beautiful setting gives people around the country a chance to rest and recovery close to nature.

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Accreditation and Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment Center Near Kent

When looking for drug and alcohol rehab near Kent, recreation is only a benefit. However, having fun is not the entire reason for your stay at a treatment center. In fact, you should look at how effective the facility is by what services it offers and how it keeps its patients safe.

One way to find this information quickly is by looking for accreditation. Bayview Recovery has certification from The Joint Commission. Through regular reviews of our facility, The Joint Commission ensures that we maintain the integrity of our evidence-based services and the safety of everyone at our facility.

A significant benefit of going to an accredited site is the increased chance of your insurance covering the treatment. Many insurance companies require evidence-based treatment, and accreditation typically only goes to facilities that offer such care. If you want to find out if we at Bayview Recovery accept your insurance, do a fast insurance verification on our site.

Typical Process for Treatment Admission

Bayview Recovery Center’s drug rehab near Kent provides an exact list of guidelines to clients on what items are acceptable to bring with them. Have someone you trust help you pack if you are not in a state to fetch your belongings. Make sure you have everything you need to complete your stay. If you opt for an extended stay, it could be a while before you leave the facility. Most clients bring the following items with them:

  • Identification like a driver’s license
  • Insurance info
  • Personal toiletries
  • Pictures of friends and loved ones
  • Clothing that meets the guidelines
  • List of prescribed medications
  • Games and other activities to pass the time

We recommend not bringing cash or other valuables. Make sure items like your mouthwash don’t contain banned substances like alcohol, which violate our rules.

Evaluation for Treatment

Our staff does a full comprehensive evaluation of each patient to get a sense of where they are physically and mentally. We offer a full array of traditional and holistic treatment programs that address the different issues individuals need to address. Clients get the opportunity to provide input about what they’re looking for in treatment at our drug rehab near Kent.

If a client is unsure of what they need, that’s no problem. That’s where we step in to help you understand your condition and your options for treatment. Our goal is to help you learn coping skills you can rely on when you leave our addiction treatment center near Kent and go back to the real world.

Treatment Options for Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Kent

Evidence-based treatment remains the gold standard for recovery programs. In fact, you will want to look for this option. It should be a requirement of the facilities that offer drug and alcohol rehab near Kent that you want to research. Evidence-based treatment includes many forms of psychotherapy, such as dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. You will find these and many other proven therapy methods here at Bayview Recovery, such as:

In addition to these proven treatments, we also offer alternative therapies to create a holistic approach to recovery. Some of our other therapies that cater to the body and spirit include art therapy, yoga, and mindfulness meditation. When used with our evidence-based methods, these extras produce a more enjoyable, well-rounded recovery program.

Daily Life in Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Bayview Recovery Center provides 24/7 monitoring of clients to stay aware of any issues that might come up. It’s also a way to make sure clients follow the rules of the institution. We care about the safety of all our clients and do not want them facing temptation from something like an illegal substance.

Our drug rehab near Kent creates unique treatment programs for each client based on their needs, accounting for gender-based issues. Bayview Recovery Center staff see to the comfort of all residents, so they feel free to focus on their treatment.

Many of our patients have unresolved issues relating to childhood trauma or other problems that cause them to use drugs. Male and female clients can go with gender-based treatment to make them feel more comfortable opening up in front of others with similar backgrounds.

Clients attend therapy sessions focused on helping them work through their issues. It only works if clients feel free to express their real thoughts and feelings. Getting everything out increases a client’s odds that they find some form of healing while attending Bayview Recovery Center’s drug rehab near Kent.

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Choose a Positive Path Forward

Bayview Recovery Center’s addiction treatment center near Kent lets clients experiment with participating in different therapy forms like:

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Substance use devastates families, relationships, job prospects, and health. But you have the chance to overcome the problem. All you need is a little support from a drug and alcohol rehab near Kent, WA. To find out how you can get started moving toward recovery, you need to pick up the phone to ask for help and information. Call us at 855.533.0409 to contact us at Bayview Recovery. You can learn about how to join our team to make recovering from substance abuse a reality for you. Recovery is hard, but we’re here in your corner to help you along the way.

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