ptsd treatment programA PTSD treatment program is for people that have PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD treatment programs specialize in helping those process and work through traumatic experiences they have had in the past. Untreated PTSD can prevent people from living a full life. Seeking help for your PTSD is brave and will be empowering. The good news is that Bayview Recovery addiction rehab center also offers treatment for these issues.

Mental health issues are often highly isolating. Fortunately, you are not alone in your recovery. With the help of Bayview Recovery, you can find the healing and support that you need. To learn more about our trauma therapy program and other services, please contact Bayview Recovery today at 855.478.3650.

What Is PTSD?

PTSD occurs in some people after a traumatic experience or experiences. For whatever reason, some people are unable to process experiences and end with PTSD properly. PTSD can last a lifetime, but it is usually diagnosed after people exhibit some of the following symptoms for at least a month after an experience.

Here are some common symptoms:

  • Triggered by their environment to relive the trauma
  • Emotionally numb
  • Avoid people, places, and things that remind them of the experience
  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Inability to completely recall the event
  • Persistent fear
  • Distorted blame
  • Increased recklessness
  • Hypervigilance

PTSD symptoms can vary in intensity, but it is easy to see how PTSD can be detrimental to any person’s life. Often, people with PTSD spend much of their time in fight or flight mode. This causes hormone levels in the body to be continuously elevated. The body then becomes physically and mentally stressed. People often act out or self-medicate to feel some relief from the constant stress of PTSD.

What to Expect at a PTSD Treatment Program

If you or a loved one have PTSD, seek help. Your lives will improve significantly by learning to change default behaviors and process the memories and emotions associated with the event. A PTSD treatment program in Tacoma, WA, will prepare you to better face the world after experiencing traumatic events.

Also, PTSD therapy will usually start out with cognitive behavioral therapy, and your therapist may dive into experiential therapy techniques. Experiential therapy can be beneficial for people with PTSD, especially if they have trouble accessing the memories associated with the experience.

Additionally, patients also find group therapy helpful because it allows them to relate their own experiences to others and see that they are not alone. Some types of treatment you can expect to be involved in during a trauma therapy program are:

Additionally, in a PTSD treatment program, you should first be exposed to many different types of treatment to see what will work best for your healing process. Everyone has different learning preferences and different healing preferences. Exploring options and finding techniques that work for you are going to be the fastest way to a happier and healthy mind.

Find Treatment at Bayview Recovery

If you are not already in counseling for mental health, you may want to talk to your primary care physician about treatment options for PTSD. There are many choices for you out there, and they can vary greatly. You want to be sure first and foremost that you are safe and that you feel comfortable with the type of treatment that you have chosen.

In essence, this is why you want to make sure that you are vetting the places that you are thinking about going to. Whether that be through word of mouth, or calling each place and asking about credentials, it is essential that you are comfortable enough to explore the thoughts and feelings that you have been unable to in the past.

Bayview Recovery offers a PTSD treatment program and therapies for you to choose from. We specialize in co-existing conditions and help people recover from PTSD and addiction. Through our PTSD treatment program, we can address a wide array of co-occurring conditions, including:

Our programs work to offer you a range of treatments so that you can find the best fit and have a better chance at success after leaving treatment with Bayview Recovery. Give us a call today at 855.478.3650 to find out more about how we can help you live the life you deserve.