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At Bayview Recovery, we are proud to offer a comprehensive care plan for those battling addiction. As a result, we may recommend PHP treatment for some of our clients.


Experts in the United States government estimate that over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 need substance abuse treatment. However, not everyone can afford to take weeks off of work to attend a residential treatment program. Alternatively, not everyone’s addiction is severe enough to warrant that level of care. If this is the case for you, you may benefit from partial hospitalization treatment.

The severity of your substance use problem or addiction will, in large, determine. That’s why it’s essential to select a rehab program that has a wide variety of options to meet your needs. In addition to multiple levels of care options, you want a facility that has comprehensive treatment modalities available. This way, you can find ones that work best for your personality, lifestyle, and needs. If you have a severe addiction problem and would benefit from a more substantive approach for your recovery but don’t require full 24/7 supervision, a partial hospitalization program may be right for you.

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How Does Partial Hospitalization Work?

Partial hospitalization gives clients more freedom and autonomy than clients in an inpatient setting would. It still provides them with all of the treatment modalities, recovery activities, and supports they would otherwise receive from inpatient settings. Partial hospitalization patients live in housing supported by Bayview Recovery but are situated in an off-campus facility.

These clients will still maintain close access to Bayview Recovery’s support staff whenever necessary, but only if and when they need it.

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The Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

You may benefit from a partial hospitalization program if one or both of the following criteria apply to you. If you are beginning recovery, but you and your doctors agree you would benefit from greater supervision during treatment, you should consider a partial hospitalization option. Similarly, if you have completed an inpatient program, but you need more guidance than an outpatient program would provide, partial hospitalization could give you the support you need to continue your recovery.

Partial hospitalization offers recovering individuals an ideal balance between getting the treatment they need to end their chemical dependency and allowing them the time and freedom to manage their other responsibilities. The program requires participants to attend eight-hour sessions five days per week, during which they will learn and practice the skills they’ll need to cope with triggers, avoid substances and lead healthier lives where authentic wellbeing is possible.

We offer a range of therapeutic options to give you the best chance for long-term recovery. We use a range of evidence-based treatment options in combination with a variety of holistic treatment programs. A combination of these treatment options can give you the tools that you need to maintain your sobriety outside of our treatment program.

Our therapy programs include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

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Our expert therapists and exceptional treatment staff will administer your treatment during each session. With their help, you can find the recovery that you need to overcome addiction and mental health conditions.

Co-Occurring Disorders

How Do You Know If You Need PHP Treatment?

The only way to know for sure what level of care you need is to talk to one of our addiction treatment specialists. There may be mitigating circumstances that can influence this decision. However, there are some guidelines that we’ll use to make this determination.

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders offers eleven criteria to diagnose addiction. The more symptoms a client displays, the more intensive treatment we may need to provide.

The symptoms we use to make this determination include:

Using the substance for longer periods or in larger amounts than you were meant to do

Wanting limit your drug or alcohol use or stop completely, but being unable to do so

Spending significant amounts of time obtaining, using, or recovering from using drugs or alcohol

Having cravings and urges to use drugs or alcohol

Being unable to complete responsibilities at school, home, or work because of drug or alcohol use

Continuing to use drugs or alcohol even when it causes problems in your relationships

Choosing not to take part in recreational, professional, or social activities in favor of using drugs or alcohol

Repeatedly using substances, even if using them will put you in danger

Continuing to use drugs or alcohol though you have a physical or mental issue that substance use causes or worsens

Developing a tolerance for the drug, meaning you need to take more of it to get the same effect

When you don’t use drugs or alcohol, you develop withdrawal symptoms that go away when you begin using again.

If you display only a few of the symptoms, a partial hospitalization program may be ideal for you.

Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Many people who are battling addictions are also struggling to overcome mental health conditions. In some cases, the mental health condition was a result of an addiction. Some substances can lead to extreme mental health conditions, and as you continue to use drugs or alcohol, your mental health symptoms worsen. Conversely, some people begin using drugs or alcohol because they feel that substance use is the only way to control their mental health symptoms. However, as they develop a tolerance, they start to need more of the drug to cope with their symptoms.

For those who have both a mental health condition and an addiction, finding a dual diagnosis treatment center is critical. Those who seek only treatment for their mental health issue find that continuing their addiction can worsen or cause additional mental health problems. Alternatively, if they only seek treatment for their addiction, they will not have the tools they need to manage their mental health and quickly relapse.

Fortunately, those who seek treatment at our partial hospitalization program can get dual diagnosis treatment as part of their treatment program. Bayview Recovery offers a broad array of mental health treatment options, such as:

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  • Depression Treatment
  • Anxiety Treatment
  • ADHD Treatment
  • Bipolar Disorder Treatment
  • Schizophrenia Treatment

With dual diagnosis treatment, you can get treatment for both conditions, allowing you to move into the future with confidence.

What Can You Expect at a PHP?

Because PHP is an outpatient addiction treatment option, you will attend therapy during the day but go home at night. You may attend treatment on weekdays between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. During the program, one of our clinicians will work with you once a week, and if you require medication management, you will speak to them one to two times weekly.
The clinicians will assess you each week to determine the length of your partial hospitalization program. This decision is largely based on your insurance coverage and unique needs. However, the average length of treatment is between two to four weeks.
It’s critical to attend treatment regularly in order to fully heal and so that we can determine your insurance coverage. We can accommodate infrequent absence if necessary, if you need to miss treatment for an excusable reason, such as:
  • Sickness
  • Appointments
  • Vehicular Problems
  • Family Emergencies

However, if you are going to be absent for more than three days in a row, you might require an administrative discharge, regardless of the reason. In such cases, you may need to complete an intake assessment again before you finish the treatment program.

If you do need to be out for more than three days, please inform one of our staff members as soon as possible. Our team may ask you to wait to get treatment until you can commit to attending treatment for at least two weeks. However, our goal is to ensure that each person who struggles against addiction gets the treatment they need. Therefore, try to clear your schedule and consider getting treatment as soon as possible.

Find the Treatment You Need at Bayview Recovery

You can count on receiving the support you need at Bayview Recovery. This includes guidance in choosing the right treatment plan for you. You also get the right components during your treatment to ensure you have a productive recovery stay. One that will provide you with tools you can rely on long after you leave. Our primary concern — whichever level of treatment you choose — is your long-term sobriety.

Contact Bayview Recovery by calling 855.533.0409 today to speak with one of our recovery specialists. They can tell you how to pay for and help you get started on your journey towards sobriety. We can help you work with your insurance provider to begin your treatment quickly without worrying about costs. Bayview Recovery offers a comprehensive suite of treatment modalities, qualified staff, and an exceptionally comfortable recovery environment. It gives you the edge you need to recovery for life.

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