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About Bayview

Bayview Recovery Center offers proven outpatient treatment programs at our Tacoma WA drug rehab center. Our services can provide varying levels of care, which allows each client to find an effective and accessible recovery program for them. At Bayview, your recovery includes proven therapies, administered by the most respected addiction specialists in the industry.

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Would you backpack into unknown terrain alone? What about climb a mountain, in the winter, alone? Would you skydive alone, if you’d never done it before? No, you wouldn’t choose to do something dangerous and new alone. So why would you decide to go through addiction recovery alone?

In fact, if you did any of those things, you would want to go with an experienced and trusted partner, someone who knew all the potential dangers and how to handle them and avoid them — someone you knew wouldn’t let you down. Otherwise, the consequences clearly could be devastating.

Bayview Recovery, located in Tacoma, Washington, specializes in addiction recovery and has helped thousands of adult men and women safely navigate their way through addiction and back to sobriety. We are an addiction treatment and recovery center that treats substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We use the latest treatment modalities and provide care from intake to aftercare for alumni. We are accepting of all gender identities and proudly support the LGBTQ+ community as part of our commitment to helping all individuals be a better version of themselves free from addiction.

The qualified, talented and compassionate staff at our rehabilitation and recovery center recognize the personal nature of addiction and can help you find your own unique path to health and wellbeing. For those who have tried unsuccessfully to get clean before, the stakes are even higher, and it’s even more critical to find a route to sobriety you can sustain. Learn more about Bayview Recovery Center and how we can help.

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Bayview Recovery Center

You can choose to get well in many places, but we think you should choose Bayview Recovery, and here’s why. Bayview Recovery believes in you. We have everything the other treatment centers have, but we also have something more — the belief that you can make it and a total commitment to getting you there. We back this up by providing you with an unmatched staff to patient ratio, ensuring that you get the personalized, hands-on care and that you feel seen, heard — and loved — every moment of your stay.

Getting well doesn’t just depend on have the right set of therapies and treatment modalities — but let’s be clear: you shouldn’t trust a treatment center that doesn’t have a comprehensive set of treatments. Bayview Recovery does. We offer medication-assisted, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, individual, family and group therapy as well as holistic therapies such as meditation and mindfulness training and life skills education. At Bayview Recovery, you will find a modality that will work for you.

Commit to Recovery

Yet even a carefully assembled treatment plan which utilizes modalities explicitly chosen for your needs doesn’t guarantee your success. Bayview Recovery can give you all the medical support you need plus a personal commitment to you that doesn’t end when your stay ends. Our alumni services, for example, mean you can get ongoing aftercare support that can be as substantive or as light as you need almost anytime you need it. We will always be here for you, when you need us and even when you don’t.

At Bayview Recovery, you can also rely on the unwavering belief of our staff that a healthy, drug-free lifestyle can be so rewarding, we want you to have it, and we won’t stop until you get there. We believe you deserve it, and we believe you can make it. Our staff’s total commitment to what we do — and our total commitment to you — can be the crucial difference between almost made it through recovery, and I made it through recovery.

You can make it. We’ll make sure of it.

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The Right Choice for You is the Choice That Sees You for Who You Are

Who are you? What do you want out of life? What’s your definition of happiness and a life well lived? Where do you want to go from here, and how do you want to get there? Are these questions about addiction and treatment? Yes! Don’t wait until after treatment to look for answers. Drugs replaced these questions, and now it’s time for these questions to replace the drugs. It has never been about the drugs; it has been about living a life you want to live.

Discover the value and meaning of your life, the joy, fun and excitement even if that comes with pain and hardship sometimes. (It’s like that for everyone.) Don’t let drugs or addiction be your story. It’s time for you to finish the story you started before drugs took over your life. With the comprehensive medical and therapeutic treatment options available to you at our treatment center and the commitment of our qualified, judgment-free addiction professionals, you can reclaim your identity and your life.

It’s time for that happy ending.

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Don’t Forget What Recovery Is All About

Joy. Recovery is about joy. Let’s be honest; you probably started using to feel happy. For a little while, it worked — until you couldn’t get enough drugs to stay happy, and then the problems set in, which you tried to treat by taking even more drugs. But what about joy? When happened to joy?

You’re reading this now because you know drugs won’t bring you the joy you want, and to get there, you need to get over the drugs and the mental health issues which often accompany drug use. But joy isn’t just the thing you’re after; it’s also part of the treatment.

Experiencing joy now and learning how to find joy everywhere can not only help you get healthy, it can keep you healthy. Joy isn’t a substitute for a medically planned and supervised recovery, but it is an essential part of your recovery, and what you want to be healthy for.

Bayview Recovery feels confident that when you experience joy as part of your recovery and learn to find joy through your treatment, you will get well faster and stay well longer. What do we mean by joy, though? Well, what makes you happy? This is a highly personal question, and if you don’t know the answer, that’s OK; we’ll help you find it.

We’re not saying recovery is fun. We’re saying fun is necessary for recovery.

Are You in First-Time Recovery?

Bayview Recovery can help. During a first-time recovery, you have an incredible opportunity to eliminate your drug use, control your addiction and begin a new life founded on healthy living — physically, emotionally and spiritually. (No, we don’t mean religion — but that’s OK, too — we mean honoring your most authentic self.). Yet, recovery scares a lot of people.

You might fear letting go of your drug of choice, and you might fear going back to it. You might also fear opening up to someone about what’s really going on, why you started drugs and why you continued. More so, you might fear all the attention and feel like a spotlight is being placed on you and all your actions. You might feel uniquely flawed and fear you’re the only one.

The truth is, you are the only you. And yes, you and your addiction — the reasons you started and continued — are unique. To get past drugs, you need a treatment plan as unique as you are. You are the only you, and you, your story and your success are precious. Bayview Recovery provides you with the medical treatment you need to beat addiction, but while you’re here, you will feel seen, honored — and yes — loved.

We want this to be your first and last recovery. We believe in you.

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Are You Suffering From a Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder?

Frequently, an underlying mental health disorder leads to a substance abuse problem. You may try to treat the problem yourself, which is called self-medicating, or you may begin on a path of substance abuse without ever really realizing that your desire for drugs and alcohol is really an attempt to resolve unexamined mental health needs.

You also may be completely unaware of any mental health issues until you start using. Your substance abuse, especially if prolonged or intense, may reveal underlying mental health problems which before had no symptoms, and it could cause them now to become unmanageable. You can predict the results.

In many cases, individuals take more drugs to combat the new symptoms, which makes both the substance use and the mental health issues even worse, precipitating a crisis. You need professional treatment for your underlying mental health issues — also called co-occurring disorders — to prevent or break this vicious cycle.

With the right treatment, you can regain control over your mental health and also eliminate a major driver of your substance abuse and get closer to enjoying real and lasting wellbeing. If you suffer from substance abuse and any of the following conditions, Bayview Recovery can help. Bayview Recovery treats:

We want this to be your first and last recovery. We believe in you.

Bayview Recovery treats:


depression treatment washington

Personality disorders

personality disorder treatment washington

Anxiety Disorders

anxiety disorder treatment washington


schizophrenia treatment washington

Bipolar disorders

bipolar disorder treatment washington

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

ptsd treatment washington
Regardless of how your mental health symptoms began, if left untreated, they will continue to progress and make your substance problems worse. The best part about Bayview Recovery Center is we can tailor a recovery program that makes sense for the combination of substance abuse and mental health symptoms you have so you can recover quickly, sustain your newfound wellbeing and get back on the path to joy.

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The most important step in recovery is the first one — simply embarking on your healing journey can make all the difference. If you or someone close to you is ready to seek treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, get in touch with us to learn more about Bayview Recovery Center today. Call 855.533.0409! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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