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Why Accreditation Is Important for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Olympia Washington

Accreditation for an addiction treatment center near Olympia is important if you want to pursue treatment that uses evidence-based methods. Additionally, accredited facilities have regular evaluations to ensure that they continue to protect patient safety throughout the recovery process.

The Joint Commission accredits Bayview Recovery, making our center eligible for some types of insurance coverage. Plus, because we have this approval, we also have intensive reviews of our practices to showcase our continued dedication to our patients.

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Dealing With Addiction

It’s no secret that the U.S. continues to have an issue with drug addiction. You would be hard-pressed to find an area of the country that has not felt the impacts of dealing with substance abuse. Too many people fail to get the help they need and continue to spiral through a pattern of self-destruction.

People turn to drugs as an escape, self-medicate underlying mental health disorders, or manage emotional fallout from past trauma. Bayview Recovery Center’s addiction treatment center near Olympia understands that the best healing path is dealing with those problems. We work hard to develop a comprehensive plan to help clients make the kind of breakthroughs that allow them to manage these issues in the real world.

Drug addiction is an illness. People suffering from the disease deserve the same level of compassion that someone with cancer would receive. They get that and more by coming to Bayview Recovery Center’s drug rehab near Olympia. We discourage negative thinking that makes people feel like a failure because of drug addiction. Clients receive an education in what’s driving their illness, so they understand what choices to make to help maintain recovery.

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Factors Contributing to Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Biological factors can play a role in a person’s risk of developing a drug addiction. The environment of a person also contributes to the potential for substance abuse. Those include a person’s household, the neighborhood where they reside, and the school they attend.

The home environment can be significant in the development of issues that lead to addiction. If a child sees their parents or other family members continually using drugs, it can increase the chances of going down the same path as they get older.

Peer pressure from friends and others in a social group can also influence the development of drug use disorders. Seeing people casually using drugs on social media can make the use seem harmless. Many kids start down the path of addiction out of a desire to fit in with others.

Drug use during childhood and adolescence can be particularly devastating, as the brain is still developing. Substance abuse can damage the parts of the brain that help with decision making and control emotions. The changes caused during that period could last for a lifetime.

Treatment at our drug rehab near Olympia can help undo the damage caused by early drug use. We can’t promise that you’ll be magically healed. However, we can offer you the chance to build the skills needed to get through life without drugs.

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What Types of Therapy Does the Addiction Treatment Center Near Olympia Offer?

During addiction treatment, you will have multiple options for therapy. These types of programs concentrate on addressing various concerns of those at the rehab center. For instance, recreational therapies such as art therapy or yoga use the physical body and creative mind to help you to learn stress-relieving techniques.

However, a complete addiction treatment program does not use only these types of recreational therapies. You should also have psychotherapy sessions to retrain your brain or to discover underlying reasons behind the addiction. Some of the types of psychotherapy that we offer at Bayview Recovery include the following:

The types of therapy that you need depends on how long you spend in treatment. For instance, you may start with family and individual therapy during a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and move to group therapy in aftercare. Or, you could benefit from individual therapy that focuses on either cognitive behavior therapy or dialectical behavior therapy. For those who have experienced trauma, individual therapy that focuses on PTSD or trauma recovery may help. After an evaluation, you will find out more about the therapy options that could help you the most.

Does the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Provide Different Levels of Care?

Lastly, you want to find out the levels of care that a drug and alcohol rehab near Olympia, WA, offers. For instance, if you need intensive care during the day, you may need to spend hours each day at the facility in a partial hospitalization program (PHP). However, some people have cases that can benefit from outpatient-only care during the evenings to allow them to continue to work.

Levels of care that you may encounter at our drug and alcohol rehab near Olympia include:

Many people must pass through multiple levels of care on their journey toward recovery. This type of treatment program can last for weeks. Extended care between 30 and 90 days gives you the time you need to make as complete a recovery as possible. The additional time allows you to learn more about yourself, reinforce the lessons that you learned, and spend more time in a supportive environment without substances around to tempt you.

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If you struggle to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, you need more support throughout the process. Once you’ve made your choice to start working toward recovery, phone us at Bayview Recovery at 855.533.0409 to learn more about our programs and treatment options. We can help you through this time as you make one of the most important decisions of your life, choosing recovery.

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Don’t let drug or alcohol addiction hold your life hostage. You can get the help you need to walk toward freedom. First, start with a call to us at Bayview Recovery at 855.533.0409. With our numerous treatment program options and stunning setting, you can find the support you need in a therapeutic location to make your trip toward recovery a little easier. Find out more about us today to make your recovery possible for your future.

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