Woman opening up during a group therapy programLoneliness and isolation can take a significant toll on anyone’s mental health, but they can take an especially considerable toll on those who are in recovery from a mental illness or substance use disorder. Even in the best of circumstances, it can be difficult for family and friends to understand the pain and challenges of addiction and recovery. A group therapy program can reliably provide the kind of support that the person in recovery requires.

A group therapy program provides an ideal environment for those recovering to create social connections. Healthy connections can promote better mental health, provide appropriate support when they need it and also help others in recovery. This can be a tremendous boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem and further their own recovery goals. When led by competent and qualified professionals like those at Bayview Recovery, our group therapy program can provide a unique win-win situation for all participants.

Bayview Recovery encourages many of our clients to take part in a group therapy program. If you’re considering finding mental health and substance abuse treatment, our team wants to help. Call Bayview Recovery today at 855.478.3650 to learn about our treatment programs.

Group Therapy Creates Both Support and Accountability

Recovery requires two key elements — support and accountability. Support enables recovering individuals to work on critical areas of improvement, while accountability stresses the consequences of leaving problems unaddressed. While therapists and family members can positively contribute to both of these necessary attributes for the recovery process, it is often the relationships with their peers that mean the most and provide the greatest benefit.

Clients often feel more comfortable sharing with their peers than with therapists or family members since there is less risk of judgment, and this can lead to greater trust, self-confidence, and breakthroughs. They often feel more comfortable asking for help from their peers when they need it as well. This helps ensure they can continue on the path to recovery without incident. These benefits make a group therapy program a unique and valuable part of rehab for almost all clients. For that reason, we offer group therapy in a range of our treatment programs, such as:

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Group Therapy Builds Community and Communication

One of the most challenging aspects of recovery for many individuals is returning to their job and home life after treatment. Individuals may find it incredibly difficult to communicate or socialize, even with people with whom they are very familiar, for a variety of reasons. For example, some might only feel comfortable socializing while using drugs or drinking.

Enrolling in rehab is always the right decision. However, if you have a drug or alcohol problem, you may also feel stigmatized by your substance abuse. Individuals may also feel nervous or anxious about returning to settings fraught with triggers. These can exacerbate problems for them in their past.

Recovering individuals are not alone in these feelings or concerns. Group therapy can be a way for many individuals to regain their confidence and self-esteem. It can also ease their re-acclimation to the lives they briefly left behind for rehab. What makes group therapy especially powerful and effective is that clients can interact with their peers. They can help each other understand the challenges, stakes, and rewards of recovery.

Bayview Recovery’s approach to group therapy also makes these sessions as comfortable as possible for participants. There are clear expectations and guidelines which take the stress out of group, helping make meetings predictable, safe, and rewarding. Group therapy also provides positive feedback and affirmation so that individuals can grow from every session. The more confident a client feels after treatment, the more likely they will be to navigate social situations successfully, manage everyday stress and avoid relapse.

Group Therapy Allows Clients To Support Others in Their Recovery

Recovery can be frustrating and often leave individuals feeling helpless. Group therapy changes that, allowing individuals in recovery to assist others and foster their own feelings of empowerment and value. In group therapy, individuals can share their own experiences, positive and negative, and receive support and validation while also building relationships of support and trust, boosting their self-confidence. By doing so, patients can reinforce their own newfound understanding and practices and improve the quality of their own recovery. Group therapists will provide on-going support throughout this process to support all participants in the progress.

Why Use a Group Therapy Program at Bayview Recovery

Group therapy is one of many treatment modalities that Bayview Recovery offers to empower individuals in their struggle with addiction and promote their recovery. Some of our other offerings include:

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