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Western Washington state offers scenic views of the Cascades and proximity to Olympic National Park. This stunning setting makes the Pacific Northwest a popular site for people to migrate to. However, many also find the region therapeutic in its beauty. Therefore, you will discover numerous centers for drug and alcohol rehab near Everett, WA. It is critical to find both an accredited treatment program and expert level treatment providers. Contact Bayview Recovery today at 855.533.0409 for more information.

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Why You Should Require Accreditation of an Addiction Treatment Center Near Everett

When choosing an addiction recovery center, you should insist that the facility holds accreditation. Accreditation proves that the facility has an overruling group that checks on the operations at the rehab center. Plus, to earn this qualification, a facility must use certain evidence-based treatments that science shows to work the best in recovery.

While not every center holds accreditation, we do at Bayview Recovery. In fact, you can phone us to find out more about our qualifications through The Joint Commission. To maintain our standing with this group, we receive regular reviews of our practices and facility. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will attend a program with your best interests in mind.

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Insurance Coverage and Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Everett

For many people, paying for drug and alcohol rehab out of pocket is difficult. However, thanks to accreditation, we can accept certain insurance policies. Many policies are a contingency because a facility holds accreditation from a trusted group, like The Joint Commission. Other insurance companies have other specific requirements.

To find out if you can use your insurance to help cover your treatment cost, fill out our simple insurance verification form. We can get back to you quickly to let you know about your coverage and payment options. Our goal is to help you toward recovery, which is why we accept insurance when many other drug and alcohol centers don’t.

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Treatment for Different Substance Use Disorders at an Addiction Treatment Center Near Everett

Finding a treatment facility requires some research into the centers in the area. After looking for accredited rehab facilities and those that accept insurance, you should also look at the types of conditions they treat. For instance, if you have both an addiction and a mental wellness condition that needs treatment, you want a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment. Additionally, you should find a facility that helps your specific addiction. For example, if you have a problem with stimulants, find a site to help you with stimulant addiction recovery.

Specific treatment for certain drugs or alcohol focuses on the physical and mental effects of the substances in the body. For instance, benzos can make you feel sleepy, whereas stimulants can make you feel more active. These physical effects also come with changes in your brain that will require addressing therapy for an effective recovery.

Some of the types of substance addiction treatment that we offer at our drug and alcohol rehab near Everett include the following:

addiction in washington

The above only represent a few of the many substance addictions that we can treat. Therefore, if you have a question about a specific condition, phone us to ask. We’re happy to answer any questions about our treatment options that you have.

Benefits of a Drug Rehab Program

Another thing to remember when it comes to seeking help at an addiction treatment center near Everett is that there’s no one defined path to recovery. Everyone has different needs and past issues that you need to address in order for real healing to occur. As a result, Bayview Recovery Center works to craft care plans that address a client’s addiction while dealing with underlying issues that may have gone untreated in the past.

At our drug rehab near Everett, clients receive access to different programs. Our staff oversees each of our programs. Our staff is made up of qualified addiction treatment specialists, physicians, and others who look after clients’ needs. Everyone who comes to us receives the highest level of care, based on innovative treatments founded in evidence-based research.

There’s no set timeline for recovering from drug addiction. The extended care program at Bayview Recovery Center’s drug rehab near Everett lets clients stay as long as needed to address the issues driving their drug habit. We establish safety parameters based on our evaluation of the depths of a client’s addiction and any other disorders that need treatment.

Clients take part in various therapy sessions. We offer both traditional and holistic therapeutic methods. How long a client’s stay lasts depends on the progress made and how much time our medical professionals determine is needed to assist clients in achieving recovery. Bayview Recovery Center believes in taking a nuanced approach to dealing with deep-seated problems, especially those that affect different genders.

Our extended care programs let clients heal at their pace. Bayview Recovery Center designed its extended care program to be flexible to every resident’s needs. We can shorten or extend a stay based on what’s best for our clients.

Bayview Recovery Center’s addiction treatment center near Everett also offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP). It gives individuals in recovery the option to go back home each night after participating in treatment sessions. Clients receive access to the same therapies and programs available through our partial hospitalization program. We tailor every person’s IOP in ways that support them as needed through every step of the process.

It can be a relief for clients to have the chance to address their addiction issues while still meeting obligations they have in the outside world. Clients receive the same high standard of care offered to clients in our inpatient and partial hospitalization programs.

Recovery doesn’t end once a patient completes a stay at Bayview Recovery Center’s drug rehab near Everett. A robust aftercare plan can serve as some security to helping clients stay clean and resist temptations that could make them want to use substances again.

Clients receive an aftercare plan tailored to their needs. That could include continuing therapy for any mental health disorders or regular doctor visits for medication management. Some clients may need a sober living arrangement to help them transition back to regular life.

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Bayview Recovery should be your choice for an addiction treatment center near Everett with accreditation and multiple treatment options. Please phone us at 855.533.0409 to verify your insurance, find out more about the programs we offer and learn how our drug and alcohol rehab near Everett can help you. Don’t continue to let drugs or alcohol ruin your life. Let us become your addiction recovery partners to overcome your problems with substance use disorder.

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