There are many great things about Bayview Recovery Center. Not only do we offer a high standard of treatment, we care about our clients. As part of our treatment, we offer several amenities. While these may not be the traditional comforts of home, we promise that these guarantees will help you on your way to recovery. Treatment is a challenging and complicated process. With the drug rehab center amenities in Tacoma, Washington, you can be sure of your success.

Bayview’s focus on making sure you’re comfortable sets us apart from our competitors. Some clients may not feel at ease sharing their experiences in a mixed setting. For them, we offer a men’s drug rehabilitation facility and a women’s drug rehabilitation facility. We give you a safe place where you can share your experiences. By doing this, we hope you’ll feel comfortable giving your treatment into our hands.

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Location, Location, Location

We know that while you want to get clean and sober, you also need to be close to home to take care of your responsibilities. We can help with that. At our beautiful location in Tacoma, Washington, you can be near enough your home to return if need be. However, you are also apart from the world and its troubles.

Amenities as Part of Treatment

When it comes to treating addiction, there is not a “one size fits all” approach. Everyone is different. Therefore, every treatment must be unique, as well. Thus, included in our drug rehab center amenities in Tacoma, Washington, we offer multiple therapies, including:

  • Recreational therapy, where you will find the perfect activity for you. From arts and crafts to rock climbing, our addiction therapy services offer something to everyone
  • Trauma therapy is ideal for our clients who have struggled with some form of trauma in their past. By enrolling in trauma therapy, you will find a caring person who wants to help you find the root of your addiction and help you heal. 
  • Yoga therapy will help you center your mind. Additionally, you will build balance, strength, and mental focus. In this, you will find new ways to feel amazing without drugs or alcohol. 
  • Mindfulness meditation therapy also helps you become mindful of your thoughts and feelings. This practice gives you the ability to respond to stressful situations calmly and healthily. 

These are only a few of the treatment options we offer. By working with people just like you, you can enjoy your newfound sobriety and make new friends in the process. 

New Friends and Experiences in Aftercare

After you take part in these treatments and you leave Bayview, you don’t have to feel isolated. We build in our aftercare program for all of our clients. These may include individual therapy, where you will talk to a therapist one on one. Another possibility for you is group therapy, where you can discuss your sobriety struggles with others who have or have had the same experiences. In short, by taking part in an aftercare program, you can keep your focus on your goals, and perhaps make a new friend or two.

Bayview Recovery Center

We have one of the most comprehensive treatment facilities in this region. Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest is an underserved part of the country in terms of rehabilitative treatment. Our drug rehab center amenities in Tacoma, Washington will answer all your needs. Here is a shortlist of the many programs we offer:

Make the call today. Call us at 855.478.3650 to arrange a tour or to find out if your insurance is accepted. The road to recovery is just one phone call away. We promise to make your experience here meaningful as we guide you towards a lifetime of sobriety. The challenge is yours. Make the call today!

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