Author name: Dave Cundiff, MD, MPH

Dave Cundiff, MD, MPH is an experienced leader in the field of Substance Use Disorder treatment. He works with patients suffering from Substance Use Disorder to evaluate their medication needs and prescribe treatments accordingly. In addition, he regularly participates in all-staff debriefing sessions involving peers, nurses, and other prescribers. He also reviews and advises on policies, procedures, and techniques for treating substance use disorder.

can kava cause addiction

Is Kava Addictive?

Kava is a popular herbal supplement known for its anxiety-reducing, sleep-promoting, and body-relaxing effects. With Kava bars popping up and Kava teas, pastes, and capsules lining the shelves of health food stores, it seems like everyone is jumping on the Kava trend. But before you join the Kava craze, you’re probably wondering—is Kava addictive?

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Picturesque image of Washington state scenery

Why Choose DBT in Washington?

The need for better mental health care has come to the forefront over the last few years. This is especially apparent in Washington state, where the number of people struggling with mental health has increased significantly since the pandemic. If you are among the Washington residents whose lives have been impacted by mental illness, dialectical

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Client on couch with arms up during DBT therapy

5 Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

When you are having difficulty with your mental health, it can impact everything you do. Your relationships, work, and physical health can suffer from untreated mental health conditions, so it is vital that you get professional help as soon as possible. Therapy is the most common way to address mental health issues, although there are

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Aerial image of Washington state

Why Choose CBT in Washington?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common form of psychotherapy used to treat many different mental health conditions. This popular form of treatment has helped people manage anxiety, depression, and other challenges. It can pinpoint the negative thoughts contributing to your suffering and teach you how to think and act in ways that will help you

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