If you live in the state of Washington or in the greater Pacific Northwest, a range of treatment options are available to you. However, finding the best treatment option for you is not as easy as it sounds. You need to find the best level of support and care to help you overcome addiction. At Bayview Recovery, our exceptional addiction treatment provides the expertise to meet all of your recovery needs. Our team can provide a range of treatment options. If you’re ready to overcome your substance abuse, we want to help you. Contact Bayview Recovery today at 855.478.3650 for more information about your treatment options.

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About Our Clients

Our clients come to Bayview Recovery from across the state of Washington, and areas of the Pacific Northwest. We offer drug rehab to residents of:

Bayview Recovery offers clients treatment options that we can tailor to the unique needs of our clients. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol addiction, we offer treatment for areas like:

Addiction and substance abuse does not go away on their own. Professional treatment is available at Bayview Recovery.

What Addictions Does Bayview Recovery Address

Our Washington rehab center can address a variety of addictions, including:

With these treatment options, we can help our clients overcome their addiction. When you contact our team, we will do a full evaluation and mental health workup. Once we’ve done that workup, we will create a treatment program. We realize that you have different needs than other people in our programs, and therefore you require a specialized treatment program. As such, we’ll create a plan that will specifically address your needs. A unique treatment program increases your chance for long-term recovery after you leave our treatment program. It will help you learn how to cope with triggers and maintain your sobriety, allowing you to live healthily without returning to drugs or alcohol.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

In many circumstances, our clients are battling both addiction and mental health conditions. Sometimes, a person begins using substances because they’re trying to self-medicate their mental health symptoms. Conversely, in other cases, a person begins using substances and develops a mental health condition as a result.

In such cases, our dual diagnosis treatment programs can help. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both mental health conditions and addictions simultaneously. This treatment can be critical for many people, as merely treating one condition or the other can lead to relapse. Our dual diagnosis treatment options include:

Therapeutic Options For Our Clients

We’ll use a range of therapeutic options to help you overcome substance abuse. Some of these treatments will be holistic, meaning that they address addiction’s damage to a person’s mind, body, and soul. These treatments are incredibly helpful if you’re also battling a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety.

In conjunction with holistic therapy options, we also offer evidence-based therapies. Evidence-based therapies are treatment options that experts in substance abuse treatment have thoroughly studied. They have proof that these treatments can effectively address the challenges that addiction presents. With the help of both of these treatment options, we can help you overcome addiction. We offer a range of addiction treatment options, including:

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It’s time to stop letting addiction and mental health conditions control your life. We can help you learn to control your mental health conditions and manage your addiction. To learn more about your treatment options, or to become one of our clients, contact the team at Bayview Recovery today by calling 855.478.3650.

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