Perhaps no recovery treatment is more familiar than the 12-step program. In part, this is because it is among the oldest, most widely adopted, and most successful treatments for addiction available. When combined with the latest discoveries in medicine and psychology and cutting-edge treatment modalities, a 12-step addiction recovery program, as part of a comprehensive and individualized rehab treatment plan, can help addicts regain their health and sobriety and maintain it long-term.

At Bayview Recovery, we’re committed to providing proven treatment options for addiction recovery. The 12-step program is one tool that we can use to help you overcome your substance use. For more information about addiction treatment programs, please contact Bayview Recovery today at 855.478.3650.

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How a 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program Works

All 12-step programs begin with the premise that individuals can help one another achieve and maintain their sobriety. Regular 12-step meetings where recovering individuals meet, regardless of their stage in the process, form a central part of every 12-step program. In meetings, individuals share their experiences with one another and provide support for other members on their recovery journey. Through these relationships, individuals can begin to acknowledge their problem genuinely and its consequences and make a firm commitment towards change.

12-step programs also give recovering members rigorous practices and strategies which make lasting change possible. The methods that 12-step instills in its members begin with three main principles, which serve as the starting point for every member’s recovery journey. These principles are:

  • Recognizing and admitting that they have an addiction
  • Surrendering to that realization and deciding to regain control with help from fellow members
  • Providing members with healthier behaviors that enable long-term self-control

Through this model, each individual can participate in a cycle of empowerment. While being supported throughout the process by people who understand because of their own direct experience with addiction.

The practices and techniques taught in 12-step programs can help any individual. Even one who is just beginning the process of recovery as well as the individual who has been sober for a long time. Support groups can give 12-step graduates and those leaving rehab the help they need throughout their sobriety. Many of these groups will employ the principles and guidelines of the 12-step addiction recovery program. This provides much-needed structure, guidance, and camaraderie.

What Part Does Spirituality Play in the 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program?

While 12-step programs have a strong emphasis on spirituality, they do not necessarily espouse a religious doctrine or affiliation. Anyone who wants to recover from addiction is welcome and may participate in a 12-step program. The 12-step addiction recovery program recognizes a moral philosophy founded on treating oneself and others with dignity and also a higher power grounded in the perception of the recovering individual.

12-step spiritual beliefs include the following tenets:

  • That life has a specific purpose
  • That life has a social component
  • That a central goal of each person’s life is to evolve and grow

These foundational beliefs are compatible with the core tenets of most religious traditions, can offer continuity for those with religious convictions, and can also spiritually support non-believers seeking recovery.

Do 12-Step Addiction Recovery Programs Work?

12-step programs have grown in popularity since their inception because they help countless individuals achieve and maintain their sobriety. Research supports this assertion; groups that promote abstinence have a positive effect on an individual’s mental health, which assists in their recovery and also helps prevent relapse. These programs also have high long-term success rates because they offer a safe and reliable place to get help when a struggling individual needs it most. They also provide constant reinforcement of the 12-step core principles, which also increase an individual’s chances of staying sober.

Multiple Treatment Modalities Can Speed Your Recovery

12-Step recovery at Bayview Recovery focuses on allowing clients to process their feelings and emotions, fully acknowledging the confusion, resentment, and anxiety they may have towards the recovery process. The spiritual underpinnings of the 12-step program are another primary focus as a client begins their recovery journey. The sooner an individual can accept the process of recovery, the sooner they can start the real work of healing and building a substance-free life.

Additional treatment modalities can give clients more ways to achieve this goal. The 12-step program is but one of many treatment modalities Bayview Recovery’s clients will benefit from during their stay.

Other rehab treatments that often accompany a 12-step program include:

By giving our clients the extensive support they deserve along with multiple treatment options to facilitate their recovery, guests at Bayview Recovery can enjoy the highest likelihood of success.


Seek Treatment at Bayview Recovery

Bayview Recovery offers leading drug and alcohol treatments administered by qualified counselors who understand the pain of addiction and the process of recovery. Further, Bayview Recovery provides a top-tier recovery environment that feels like home because when you’re comfortable, you can better focus on your recovery. With Bayview Recovery, you can stop letting addiction control your life, and you can regain your health and sobriety. We offer a variety of substance abuse treatment programs, including:

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