Evening Intensive Outpatient Programs

Deciding to enter rehab treatment is difficult. Sometimes this decision is made even harder by your need to maintain a strict work schedule or maintain your daily home responsibilities. But you do not have to put your own addiction recovery needs last anymore. Thanks to Bayview Recovery’s evening intensive outpatient programs, you can get the treatment you need while continuing to work, go to school and live at home.

At Bayview Recovery, we’re committed to providing long-lasting treatment for our patients. One method we use to do this is to provide a range of treatment options to fit each patient’s situation. Are you ready to put an end to your addiction? If so, please contact ouroutpatient drug rehab center today at 855.478.3650.

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What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Rehab treatment is not a one-size fit all approach to addiction recovery. Instead, multiple levels of care exist. Each level of care suits individual needs, with some programs best suited for minor addictions. Other programs are best for people with long-term addictions or poor support for sobriety at home. One of the most important decisions you make toward your own recovery is which program suits your needs best.

The most intensive level of care is residential or inpatient treatment. This is the type of treatment most people think of first when it comes to rehab. But for residential or inpatient rehab, you must live at the facility or in a hospital-like setting. This means giving up work, school, or family life, usually until you leave treatment 30, 60, or 90 days later.

Inpatient rehab suits people with severe addictions, dual diagnosis disorders requiring medications, or people without a built-in support system at home. For people with only minor addictions or those somewhere in the middle of the scale of severity, inpatient rehab often proves excessive.

Standard Outpatient Options

Another level of care is outpatient treatment. This program, also called OP treatment, takes place while you continue living at home and working or going to school. But for many people, OP rehab proves too relaxed. For those needing more support and intensive therapies, the area between OP and inpatient rehab is a perfect fit.

This treatment can offer therapies such as:

If evening IOP in Tacoma, WA, is a good fit, then you can start that program right after detox. If you need slightly more intensive care but not a full-time inpatient rehab program, another level of care is our PHP treatment. This program mixes some inpatient rehab with a daytime or evening IOP.

Intensive outpatient treatment, IOP, is the middle ground. Through IOP rehab programs, you get the best of both inpatient and outpatient programs. You receive inpatient quality therapies and support yet get to continue living at home, working, or going to school. Evening intensive outpatient programs help you, even more when you have a daytime job or other obligations.

How Do I Know if Evening Intensive Outpatient Programs Suit My Needs?

Talking to a rehab admissions specialist or intake counselor at Bayview Recovery helps you understand which level of care meets your needs. You go through an addiction assessment, so the treatment professionals understand your needs and the severity of the addiction. From this assessment, they make recommendations for your treatment.

The good news is that evening intensive outpatient programs work well for a wide range of addictions and individual needs. Also, the good news is Bayview Recovery’s range of treatment options through multiple levels of care.

These levels of care available to you in the Pacific Northwest include:

  • Inpatient (residential)
  • Daytime or evening IOP
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Outpatient
  • Aftercare

As previously said, each of these types of programs meets individuals’ unique needs. You receive the treatment you need through the right level of care. Or you start at one level and taper down your treatment as you grow in recovery.

Treatments at Bayview Recovery

Regardless of which level of care you enter, such as evening intensive outpatient programs or inpatient rehab, you need a range of therapies and other treatments. These therapies and procedures take place in all of the programs at Bayview Recovery in Tacoma, WA, to varying levels of intensity.

Bayview Recovery’s therapies and treatment methods include:

To learn whether evening intensive outpatient programs or other rehab programs suit your needs, contact Bayview Recovery at 855.478.3650. Making this call helps you take the first steps into your new, better life of recovery. So call now and talk to a supportive professional about living at home while receiving therapies needed for a fresh start.

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