Woman enjoys learning during her substance abuse treatment programsEach addiction and client is different, and this means to treat a dependency effectively, a rehab program must provide multiple options so a client can have the treatments that will work best for them and their needs. Bayview Recovery provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse treatment programs at its Tacoma, Washington location. Our programs are led by highly-qualified staff who understand addiction and treat each client as the individuals as they are. In addition to proven and cutting-edge treatments and exceptional staffing, Bayview Recovery has created one of the most comfortable and welcoming centers to be found in the region so that clients can focus exclusively on their recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Past trauma, current stress or an untreated mental illness can all lead to drug abuse, dependency and eventually addiction. Alcohol, prescription, and illicit drugs are more widely available than ever and can seem like convenient ways to manage whatever issues an individual is dealing with or avoiding. This is a process called self-medicating. Drug and alcohol abuse, however, leaves the causes for an individual’s substance abuse untreated, and dependency and addiction add another layer of severe and even life-threatening problems which will require professional medical treatment to manage.

Drugs commonly used by our clients, and which will require medical intervention, include:

  • Marijuana
  • Meth and Adderall
  • Prescription drugs

When an individual adds dependency and addiction to the issues they are already struggling with, there can be no way out except for qualified professional help. Professional drug rehab can help those dependent on drugs and alcohol come to terms with their substance use and overcome their mental health issues, and the best programs will utilize modalities explicitly chosen for you.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Poses the Same Risks as Harder Drugs

Because alcohol is so widely accepted and available, it can be difficult to identify an alcohol abuse problem and exceptionally easy to hide excess drinking. This makes alcohol one of the most dangerous drugs, although it is a legal one. It also can be very easy for casual drinking to become heavy drinking and later an alcohol abuse problem if an individual uses alcohol to deal with other issues instead of facing them head-on. A casual drinker can quickly increase their tolerance without even knowing it and then require more and more alcohol to get the same level of “buzz,” leading to continually increasing levels of drinking. Alcohol abuse, even if it has not yet led to addiction, will require professional substance abuse treatment like that offered by Bayview Recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Bayview Recovery treats addiction and the mental health disorders that commonly occur with addiction. Many drugs, including pharmaceuticals prescribed for legitimate medical purposes, can be addictive. Even people who have never struggled with drug use or substance abuse before can find themselves quickly struggling with addiction.

Because of the highly diverse nature of drugs, personalities and individual’s body chemistries, you may find yourself addicted to a substance without at first even realizing it. Addiction does not always present with the wild, out-of-control behaviors you see in movies or media. These “silent addictions” do no less harm than their more visible and obvious counterparts; in fact, they can do more damage if left unchecked.

It’s crucial to understand that there is no cure for addiction. However, addiction treatment gives you the medical care, psychological and behavioral therapies and life strategies to control and manage your addiction successfully so that you can live a long, healthy, drug-free life. You can get this treatment from the qualified professionals at Bayview Recovery who have already helped thousands.

Bayview Recovery treats addiction to a wide variety of substances, including the ones mentioned here, and also many more. As importantly, we treat the mental health disorders that accompany many chemical dependencies. A short list of what we treat is here:

  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Prescription Opioids
  • Cocaine and Crack
  • DXM and Cough Syrup
  • Heroin and Fentanyl
  • Stimulants
  • Hallucinogens

Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Alcohol dependency is tragically common, in large part because alcohol is so easily accessible and part of the fabric of many social gatherings, whether it’s family and friends or work-related. You might have an alcohol problem if you have one or more of these symptoms:

  • An inability to curb drinking
  • Loss of focus or interest in activities
  • Withdrawal from social situations
  • Unpredictable, violent or extreme behavior
  • Performance issues at work or school
  • Mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression

Because of alcohol’s prevalence and the relatively high-risk of relapse, you will need professional help to overcome alcohol dependency. Also, you will need a stable, long-term aftercare plan to ensure you stay sober. Rather than a burden, programs for recovering alcoholics can be a place to get much-need, judgment-free support from people just like you and their loved ones. Bayview Recovery can ensure you get the medical and psychological treatments you need and the right kind of aftercare to give you the highest likelihood of success.

Benzodiazepines Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Ativan, Valium and Xanax are relatively well-known drugs used legitimately to treat anxiety and insomnia. Their easy access and powerful effects make them easy targets for abuse and addiction, however. By depressing the nervous system, they can help bring a sense of calm and ease to anxiety sufferers, but the same effects of the drugs are highly desirable to those who have no medical need for them. For people who take these drugs as prescribed, there is also the risk that they might solve one problem but create another — dependency.

There is good news, though. A medically-supervised detox coupled with comprehensive, individually-selected therapies can be highly effective in treating benzodiazepine dependency. It can also create long-term strategies to manage users’ underlying need for the drug so that they can break free. Bayview Recovery has ample experience in treating this all-too-common drug dependency, and you can rely on us to help you overcome your addiction and improve your mental health as well.

Prescription Opioids Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Opioids, which have legitimate medical uses, are at the center of a national epidemic. Like the other narcotic drugs from which they derive, opioids are both highly-effective painkillers and highly-addictive, and many individuals who begin using them through prescription can quickly get hooked. Unfortunately — short of a professional addiction treatment — there is no easy way to get out of an opioid dependency. Drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone often frequently become gateway drugs to other forms of narcotics. These are commonly available illegally when you can no longer rely on prescription versions to continue your drug habit. Bayview Recovery treats opioids addiction with the same comprehensive methods it uses to treat other narcotic addictions, giving individuals a high-level of confidence in achieving and sustaining their sobriety.

Cocaine and Crack Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

You probably think of cocaine and crack when you think of drug addiction, drugs known for their intense highs and highly-addictive natures. Many — though not all — individuals who use cocaine and crack also drink or use other drugs in conjunction with them, compounding their drug problem and necessitation a much more complex treatment formula to break free. Bayview Recovery can treat cocaine and crack addiction as well as co-occurring addictions when present. Because these drugs are so powerful, you may feel a sense of despair about eventually living drug-free. However, you can find hope again at Bayview Recovery.

DXM and Cough Syrup Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Cough syrup may not seem dangerous or addictive, but dextromethorphan, or DXM — the primary active ingredient in many cough syrups — can create a high and an addiction. DXM gives people who take enough of it a euphoric high that affect the mind and body much like the consumption of alcohol. It can also produce hallucinations and hyperactivity which can become dangerous. Addiction to DXM can also be difficult to manage on your own since the drug is so readily available. Bayview Recovery can give you the treatment and strategies you will need to end your DXM dependency. You can also navigate the triggers which might cause a relapse.

Heroin and Fentanyl Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Heroin and fentanyl rank among the most dangerous drugs, and addiction, abuse and relapse can easily lead to an overdose and sudden death. Opioids like heroin and its close street counterpart fentanyl both produce intense highs which users want to repeat. To sustain your previous high, however, you will need to take increasing amounts of the drug, but taking even slightly increased dosages can result in an overdose. This is especially true of fentanyl. If you or someone close has a heroin or fentanyl dependency, seek medical treatment from an addiction treatment center. Bayview Recovery can ensure you have the safest possible medically-supervised detox. You also get the treatment you need to avoid a relapse, overdose and death.

Stimulants Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Stimulants affect the central nervous system, creating feelings of intense alertness, energeticness and euphoria. Users can get medically legitimate versions of these drugs through prescription or obtain street versions of them. Their addictiveness and negative effects on the body, if taken long term, remain equally dangerous regardless of their source.

Many individuals may have begun by taking Adderall, a drug prescribed in the treatment of ADD and ADHD disorders. When used correctly and under doctor supervision, the drug can improve an individual’s mental focus. It can also help them experience less anxiety in social situations. Meth, on the other hand, is a street drug with no medical uses. It also presents a host of additional dangers since it is exclusively made illegally without any controls over its production.

Whatever version of the drug you use, you will likely quickly begin to tolerate the drug. This then requires you to take higher dosages to get the same effects and increasing the harm to your body and the risk of overdose. Withdrawal — especially if you go it alone — can be extremely painful and dangerous. Professional, medical supervision, which you can obtain from Bayview Recovery, is almost always the only way to end your stimulant dependency, and it is always the safest way.

Hallucinogens Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Hallucinogens have increased in popularity especially among younger people who use them as club drugs. MDMA, or Molly, commonly taken in clubs or at raves, produces a sense of euphoria as well as hallucinations, an altered perception of one’s reality. While considered party drugs and widely available, the drugs are both addictive and dangerous. Hallucinogens do not share the kind of life-threatening symptoms that other “harder” drugs have. Users of hallucinogens can come to tolerate higher and higher doses of the drug and develop long-term dependence. This can lead to serious physical and mental problems over time.

Like other street drugs, hallucinogens do not have any controls over how they are produced. Therefore users may also be taking trace amounts of other drugs mixed in with the hallucinogen, and they may not even know it. This compounds the harmful, adverse side effects users will experience and makes treatment both necessary and more complex. Because of the wide availability of hallucinogens and the complexities around dependency, you will need professional addiction treatment to safely separate from the drug and develop the strategies that will keep you drug-free. Bayview Recovery treats many individuals who have tried and gotten hooked on club drugs. We can help you stay off these drugs successfully.

The Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs at Bayview Recovery

Bayview Recovery is committed to providing its clients with personalized treatment that will address their addiction with carefully-chosen pathways based on their personalities and lifestyles. Our treatment professionals will spend considerable time with enrollees during the intake process to get to know them and understand the issues they’re facing so they can get the right treatments quickly and begin the healing process immediately. Bayview Recovery has helped countless individuals leave drug abuse behind and find life-long wellness again. Call 855.478.3650 for more information.