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Most individuals simply use the word “therapy” when referring to “psychotherapy” or psychotherapy programs. Whichever term you use, therapy is a common treatment modality used to help individuals everywhere overcome mental health problems, addiction, or both when they occur together, which is called a co-occurring disorder. Either term may sound scary to an individual who does not understand how therapy works or the goals of therapy. However, in spite of these fears, therapy is a primary and necessary component of the healing process.

The purpose of a psychotherapy program is to help individuals better understand their feelings and emotions. This is a crucial facet in assisting people in better navigating difficult situations which can often function as triggers for substance abuse. By fostering understanding, offering ways to cope, and providing alternatives when faced with difficulties, individuals can begin to heal both their mental health and addiction concerns, make better choices and lead healthier lives.

Psychotherapy can give you the tools you need to overcome mental health conditions and substance abuse. To learn whether you can benefit from this treatment option, please contact Bayview Recovery today at 855.478.3650.

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How Does Therapy Fight Addiction?

Psychotherapy helps individuals manage mental health problems, and it is a necessary component of addiction treatment. This is because addiction, whether people are aware of it or not, is also a mental health issue. Further, mental health issues — such as anxiety and depression — frequently go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. There are clear reasons for this. First, sustained substance abuse can worsen mental health symptoms that were not previously a problem; and second, individuals suffering from mental health issues often turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms instead of seeking professional, medical help. Both conditions, however, always begin with imbalances in the brain, regardless of which one precedes the other. To that end, we offer psychotherapy with a range of addiction treatment programs, including:

With psychotherapy as part of your treatment plan, you can overcome substance abuse and move into a brighter and happier future.

Will Therapy Help Me Overcome My Mental Disorder?

Therapy is one part of a comprehensive treatment plan to manage and control addiction and mental health issues so that individuals can heal and lead healthy lives again. In many cases, an addiction or mental health problem will never go away completely, but with the right treatment, including therapy and, where necessary, medications, individuals can manage their symptoms, remain healthy and lead long, fulfilling lives without returning to substance abuse. Every case is different, however; so the type of treatment a person will receive in rehab and the quality of their recovery will also be different.

Psychotherapy Programs at Bayview Recovery

Bayview Recovery understands that not one type of therapy will work equally well for everyone. This is why we offer multiple psychotherapy programs options, so you can find the one that is right for you and quickly get started on the process of healing. Common psychotherapy options include:

Each of these therapy options offers its own benefits. Many patients can heal faster with better long-term results by having a mix of therapies during their stay here. In addition to psychotherapy, Bayview Recovery offers many additional treatment modalities including meditation, yoga, and art therapy programs to support and further the work of psychotherapy and provide you with as many tools as possible to use to stay healthy post-treatment.

Bayview Recovery Can Provide You With Everything You Need To Get Healthy

Therapy is a non-negotiable requirement to overcoming addiction. This process, which leads to healing, does not need to be a frightening or painful one. Not when it is lead by compassionate counselors who understand the pain of addiction and the needs of sufferers. To make treatment more comfortable and effective, Bayview Recovery also offers additional therapy options designed to meet the individuals needs of every client. This ensures they get precisely the help they need so they can recover quickly and enjoy long-lasting sobriety.

Our therapeutic offerings include the latest in treatment modalities, to help you achieve this goal, such as:

You don’t have to let addiction or a co-occurring mental health disorder disrupt your life any longer. You can regain control of your health and your future today by enrolling in psychotherapy programs at Bayview Recovery. Call 855.478.3650 and begin treatment.

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