There’s Something Different About Bayview Recovery

Woman smiling at her addiction treatment centerWhy should you settle for a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all treatment solution? The answer is obvious — you shouldn’t. You are a unique, valuable and precious individual. Yes, you have your flaws (we all do), but that’s not why you suffer from addiction. Addiction is a disease, and any human being can catch one; it isn’t the best part of being human, but it’s a part just the same. If you struggle with addiction, you deserve to attend an addiction treatment center Tacoma, WA trusts with a treatment solution that is as unique as you are.

After all, why shouldn’t someone take the time to understand you — who you are, why you began using and why you continued, in short, everything about your habit. The key to solving your drug problem is there. To fix a problem, you first have to understand it. Bayview Recovery addiction treatment center makes this our number one priority. You can choose an addiction treatment center that has many resources. But they won’t make a difference unless your treatment includes the ones that actually make sense for you.

You deserve to live a healthy and whole life; everyone does. You don’t need to do anything to deserve it, either — that’s also a part of being human. Bayview Recovery offers a full continuum of care, a residential program unique in the recovery field and a full-blown commitment to give you the personal and individualized care you need from your first phone call to us until you no longer need our support. That’s how much we stand behind your recovery.

Bayview Recovery Offers a full Continuum of Care So You Will Have Everything You Need To Get Healthy Again

You can’t expect to have a lasting recovery without receiving the complete treatment your addiction requires, comprehensive rehabilitation and individualized therapies and behavioral strategies to keep you sober long-term. That’s why you need a facility that offers a full continuum of care. Bayview Recovery can help treat your addiction whether you’ve decided to try rehab for the first time or if you’ve tried before without results.

Bayview Recovery’s full continuum of care includes a comprehensive array of treatment modalities and holistic pathways designed to accommodate as many different individuals and needs as possible, so whether you require intensive outpatient or family therapy, we can help. We do not offer medically-supervised detox but will work closely with your detox facility to provide a seamless transition into rehab and therapy.

Bayview Recovery’s continuum of care includes:

It’s okay if you don’t know what you need; that’s why we’re here. And whatever you need, you can find it here at Bayview Recovery Center.

Every addiction treatment center says it will treat you like a person, but Bayview Recovery has designed its whole facility to do just that.

Every addiction treatment center says they want you to feel comfortable, but Bayview Recovery has done more — and gone out of its way — to do just that. In fact, Bayview Recovery has designed its entire facility around this one simple goal. Many addiction treatment centers, even residential ones, can all too often feel like motels — or worse, hospitals — and this can have negative consequences on your recovery. Why? Because while you’re there, you’ll be more focused on your comfort than the real reasons you’re there. Plus, feeling bad has no place in recovery. The whole philosophy of Bayview Recovery is exactly the opposite: recovery isn’t fun, but recovery needs to remind you — every day — that the reason to get sober is to love your life again.

Bayview Recovery has given a whole new meaning to the term residential recovery. You’ll see that when you get here right away. You’ll stay in an actual house that (we hope) feels more like your own home than a treatment facility. And take a look around. We didn’t build our Washington addiction treatment center in the rugged and awe-inspiring beauty of the Pacific Northwest for no reason. We like to think of life as an adventure — an enjoyable one — and we want you to feel that way, too. So we want you to be comfortable and also have a distraction-free environment to focus on the real work ahead, the reason why you made that call to us in the first place.

Measuring Success

In large part, your success will depend upon feeling welcome, forgiven and loved again. We know how addiction can make you feel, scared, angry, out of options and out of hope. Part of healing means getting over the stigmas of addiction and accepting forgiveness — first and foremost, your own. An even larger part of healing is getting back in touch with the goodness of life. We believe that getting in touch with all that life has to offer makes the process a whole lot easier, and yes, enjoyable. At Bayview Recovery, you really will come home again, to yourself.

Everyone says they have individualized care, but Bayview Recovery really does.

The reality is you can choose an addiction treatment center that offers every treatment modality in the world, but it won’t do you any good if they’re not the right ones for you. Addiction treatment is short. If you don’t get the right treatments right away, when will you get them, and how will you overcome your addiction? An addiction treatment center has a responsibility to its clients to give them the treatments they need — and only those they need — and begin treatment immediately.

To accomplish this, Bayview Recovery places a huge emphasis on intake, where we find out about you — not just your problems but also your unique and individual strengths. After reviewing your medical history, the recommendations of your current doctors and the information gathered from our thorough intake questionnaires, our addiction treatment specialists will quickly decide on a strategy in a consultation that includes the treatments which will do more for you most rapidly. It doesn’t stop there, however.

Our high staff-to-patient ratio allows us to get to know you increasingly better throughout your stay and monitor your progress continually. That may sound aggressive — even annoying — but by a few days into your stay, you’ll find our treatment specialists are on your side, not just observing you, but listening to you, so we can make any necessary changes to continue your progress. After all, it’s your wellness that’s at stake. Recovery is not about us; it’s about you. Give us a call to get to know us better. We want to get to know you better, too.

Choose Bayview Recovery — we’ve got you covered

Bayview Recovery offers a full continuum of care, a unique residential treatment environment to get you well faster and a rigorous and highly-successful intake process to tailor your care to your real needs. But at Bayview Recovery, our care doesn’t stop when you check out. While ultimately you are responsible for your recovery, we’re here to help you in every way possible, including after you check out through our aftercare and alumni programs. Don’t’ believe it? Talk to our alums.

We want you to get healthy quickly and stay healthy, and we want the process of getting there to be as comfortable and as enjoyable as it can be. You’ve put off joy long enough. When recovery gets hard, we’ll be there for you, and when it begins to get easier, we’ll still be there for you, through discharge and beyond. Call us today at 855.478.3650 to talk to one of our addiction recovery specialists, learn more about our program and verify your insurance. Once you make that call, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Washington Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Substance abuse is an illness that is too powerful and complex for individuals to solve on their own. Addiction treatment programs offer recovering individuals all the medical assistance, therapy, counseling, education and on-going support they will need in a safe environment surrounded by peers who share the same personal goals — long-term health and sobriety.

A competent and comprehensive rehab program does more than facilitate the end of dependency; it helps clients come to terms with their susceptibility to substance use; it helps them disarm their psychological dependency and manage their triggers; and it gives them concrete tools and practices they can use long after they have completed treatment to sustain their recovery.

Whatever treatment modalities it may offer, for a rehab program to succeed, it must tailor its treatments to the needs of the individual, factoring in personality, personal history and a variety of social and familial factors. Each client’s drivers for use must be addressed, and they must leave treatment with practices and techniques that work for them and help them limit the likelihood of relapse and sustain their recovery.

Can Bayview Recovery Help You?

Bayview Recovery is the premier Washington addiction treatment center for adult men and women in the Pacific Northwest. We offer a broad and comprehensive array of treatment modalities. As well as one of the highest staff-to-patient ratios in the region. In addition, we provide highly-individualized care in an environment designed for the maximum comfort of our guests, increasing the odds of their success. Bayview Recovery treats all of the following substance abuse disorders along with the co-occurring disorders which so often accompany these addictions:

When an addiction treatment center creates an individualized plan that takes into account your unique personality, pattern of abuse, personal experiences and home and work considerations, a client will have significantly improved chances of successfully completing their rehab and navigating all the challenges they will face afterward.

What is Partial Hospitalization like?

Several steps need to occur before a client begins their partial hospitalization program. First, all clients must have a complete medical and psychiatric evaluation; this step ensures that each client receives the appropriate treatment modalities during their stay in recovery. Second, each client must successfully complete their detox at Bayview Recovery’s partner facility; this step ensures that all clients safely end their substance dependency and enter rehab ready to receive the full benefit of therapy. Following these steps, a client may begin their partial hospitalization stay, which may last anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on their individual needs.

However, merely offering treatment is not sufficient for a client to achieve recovery. A course of treatment must be thoughtfully crafted around each individual’s specific needs and carefully administered by counselors who can continuously monitor and adjust treatment to obtain the desired results. Recovery only occurs when each client understands why they initially turned to drugs and alcohol, can recognize and navigate triggers and learn and practice alternatives to drug use. But while every client will receive the bulk of their treatment during their partial hospitalization stay, treatment doesn’t end when this treatment phase ends.

How Bayview Recovery Supports Your Transition Home

If your drug treatment ends when your program ends, you haven’t selected the right program. Even a graduate of a successful rehab program will face challenges and the risk of relapse after treatment ends. This isn’t a reflection of the quality of your program. The reality is that every recovering individual can face challenges when transitioning back to their hectic daily routines. Addiction, even after treatment, requires constant management.

Bayview Recovery’s outpatient services provide the necessary support that our recovering clients will need to avoid the pitfalls and the risks and maintain their sobriety long-term. We will be there for you as long as you need us, helping you cope with daily struggles and providing you many opportunities to continue the work begun in treatment, supported by a community of fellow recoverees just like you. You can rely on all of the following on-going support programs after your stay at Bayview Recovery:

  • Outpatient treatment to support the client’s transition
  • Monitoring and post-discharge support
  • Alumni program to help clients support each other
  • Programs to support families during recovery

How do I know I’ve found the right drug treatment center for me?

When it comes to substance abuse treatment programs, your choices are endless. However, not all rehab programs are made the same. Programs differ widely based on the modalities they offer. As well as the number and qualifications of their staff and the kind of environment in which treatment is offered. Most importantly, you want to choose a facility that sees and treats you based on your unique personality, history, and experiences.

An individualized program which includes a comprehensive course of treatment, counselors qualified and experienced with addiction treatment and a comfortable environment that takes all distraction out of the recovery process offers recovering individuals their best hope. Bayview Recovery offers all of these critical components. As well as a commitment to your recovery that extends far beyond your last day with us.

Call Bayview Recovery today at 855.478.3650 to regain control of your life and begin a healthy future.

Men’s and Women’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

Every addiction varies and so do the needs of men and women who suffer from addiction. Gender-specific rehab programs have the purpose of addressing the individual needs of men and women. This gives them appropriate tools and strategies to help them break the cycle of addiction and the best chances of breaking free from drugs for good. When men and women get the help that’s specifically geared towards their needs, they are able to recover more quickly and stay sober longer.

Men and women have different reasons for using drugs and alcohol and, as a result, will have different needs during rehab. For example, women are more likely to use drugs to cope with issues, such as:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Domestic violence or physical abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress from resulting from work-life balance issues

Gender-specific rehab options also minimize the distraction of treating individuals with different needs in the same group.

Since men and women differ, so should their addiction treatment options

While addiction is found in both men and women, statistically, men have a higher propensity towards substance abuse than women. Girls under the age of 18, however, are more likely to abuse substances than boys in the same age group. This is but one of the many ways the genders differ in the relationship to substance abuse.

Another way the genders differ is in the benefit they derive from extended care recovery programs. While both sexes benefit from extended care, in general, women benefit more from this program format. Women who enjoy the most benefit tend to do so in rehab programs lasting 90 days or more. One reason is that a woman’s relationship to substance abuse is often relatively more complex than a man’s. This is precisely why Bayview recovery offers both a men’s rehab program and women’s rehab program to address specific needs during recovery.

How Bayview Recovery Can Help You Live a Drug-free Life

Trying to end your addiction on your own poses many risks. Withdrawal can present new health risks. Relapse can increase the threats to your health, introducing the possibility of overdose and accidental death. To break free from addiction, you will need the help of doctors and psychologists trained in addiction recovery at an addiction treatment center Tacoma, WA trusts. Professionals who can address the medical and therapeutic needs you will have during this critical time. Bayview Recovery creates a treatment environment that maximizes your chances for success. We provide an extremely comprehensive rehab program along with rehab aftercare to safeguard your sobriety. Bayview Recovery’s offerings include:

  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Comprehensive rehab aftercare

Gender-Specific Rehab at Bayview Recovery

An individualized rehab program can give recovering individuals another effective pathway to help them break their dependency and stay sober. One that recognizes the gender-specific differences of addiction. Bayview Recovery clients can benefit from one of the most comprehensive rehab programs anywhere. Programs can include evidenced-based therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and individual and group therapy — as well as holistic options. And individuals can recover in a well-staffed and safe environment with all the comforts of home.

Call Bayview Recovery today at 855.478.3650 to speak with one of our addiction specialists, vet your insurance and get started on your treatment. Your recovery can begin today — at Bayview Recovery.