Cigna Rehab Insurance Coverage

If you have Cigna insurance coverage and are looking to go to rehab, your healthcare plan should cover at least some of your costs. Your coverage will depend on the plan you have purchased and what your primary care physician or mental health provider has recommended. The bottom line, of course, is that you get the help that you need.

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What to Expect With Cigna Insurance Coverage

Cigna is an excellent health insurance company. Again, your coverage will significantly depend on the plan you are currently enrolled in. Some Cigna rehab insurance coverage plans will even cover specialty drug and alcohol rehab centers, such as executive that have high-end amenities to cater to CEOs and stars.

Cigna is well known for confidentiality. If you call Cigna or pay for rehab services using your insurance policy, all of our information will be strictly confidential. It’s not only against the law to share your health information, but it is against company policy as well and will cost customer service representatives their jobs.

You can expect coverage to vary by plan and doctor recommendations. You should plan to call Cigna before you enter a rehab facility or situation so that you are not surprised by costs you were unaware that you would have. Sometimes insurance verification by substance abuse treatment programs in Washington State will not let you know if there is coverage for the treatment or not.

Finding Out About Your Insurance Coverage

Looking around for the perfect rehab can be exhausting. There may not be too many in your area, but you want to be sure that they will take your insurance and you will want to be aware of what your insurance will cover at the facility when it comes time to go. After the initial verification by each rehab that you have chosen the next step is to call your insurance provider.

When you call, keep the following questions so that you do not have to call back and wait to talk on the phone to someone again.

In essence, here are the questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • Do you cover the level of substance abuse treatment I need
  • What detox centers in my area will you cover and for how many days
  • Am I able to go to a residential rehab
  • Which type of rehab does my policy cover
  • How many office visits or days does my policy cover
  • What facilities in my area do you cover
  • Will I have a co-pay or have to pay a portion of my stay

Then, once you have your answers about facilities in your area and the ones that you would like to go to, you can finalize your decision about which rehab and the level of care you are looking for. If you find that Cigna won’t fully cover your stay and you can’t afford it, call the center to find out about sliding scale fees, grants, or scholarships that can help to make it more affordable for you.

Choosing a Rehab

Finally, here are the steps to take in choosing your rehab:

  • Find ones that appeal to you
  • Figure out what level of care you need
  • Find rehabs that you like that take your insurance
  • Call your insurance to get more information about coverage
  • Apply for grants, loans or scholarships

In conclusion, no matter if your choice ends up being residential, an intensive program, or mainly a 12-step plan, make sure that you are getting the care that you need. Bayview Recovery offers many levels of care and accepts patients with Cigna insurance coverage for all programs. Give Bayview Recovery a call today at 855.478.3650 to find out how we can get you on your way to living a sober and happy life.

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