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Recreational Activities Included in Addiction Treatment

Therapy requires mental work and effort that needs physical relaxation to ensure a comprehensive recovery from addiction. At Bayview Recovery, you will find recreational activities that take advantage of our lovely location. In addition, we also offer indoor activities to do when weather or circumstances do not allow for outdoor recreation.

Our location in Tacoma, WA, puts us near mountains for snow-based activities such as snowboarding and skiing. When there isn’t snow for the previous activities, we have white-water rafting and similar outdoor pursuits.

However, we also understand that weather in the Pacific Northwest is unpredictable at best. Therefore, we provide several ways to enjoy your time inside. For instance, we have yoga therapy and art therapy. You may also benefit from stress-relieving mindfulness meditation.

Through our offerings of recreational activities and therapies, we augment our evidence-based treatment. Consequently, you can receive a holistic approach to your drug and alcohol rehab near Tacoma when you visit us at Bayview Recovery.

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Supportive Staff to Help You Through Treatment

Recovery is a long, hard process. But, you have help from our supportive, professional staff at Bayview Recovery. Our addiction staff members include substance use professionals, medical experts, and degreed providers who have years of experience in the field of addiction recovery.

Overcoming substance use disorders can happen when you combine your efforts with a quality program led by experts in recovery. Thanks to our hard-working staff, you will have the support that you need for your journey.

For many, the journey starts at the highest level of care and progresses from there to long-term aftercare. The first stage is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). This intensive treatment option provides you with off-campus housing and the offerings of inpatient treatment without the restrictions of that level of care.

After progressing through recovery past PHP, you may move to intensive outpatient (IOP) or standard outpatient. The difference between these levels of care is the number of hours you spend at the facility attending therapy sessions or other treatments.

Lastly, when you graduate from the facility, you can attend aftercare sessions to continue in your recovery journey with support.

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Bayview Recovery

Evidence-Based Treatment in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Tacoma Washington

Accreditation connects directly to the types of treatment a facility offers and to its safety rating. We have accreditation through The Joint Commission, which indicates that the options we provide for treatment meet evidence-based care requirements.

While we provide many types of treatment, including holistic options such as yoga and art therapy, our psychotherapy options can help with recovery. Some of the evidence-based treatments that you can find at our drug and alcohol rehab near Tacoma include:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options

Our therapeutic methods allow us to provide quality care for those who need to recover from substance use disorders. Additionally, because these treatments can also address mental health concerns, we can also treat those who may have conditions such as:

This type of two-pronged treatment approach is called dual diagnosis treatment.

Learn More About Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Near Tacoma

You know that you can no longer live with drug or alcohol addiction. Therefore, you need to make a move toward recovery. Please pick up the phone and dial 855.533.0409 to contact Bayview Recovery. We have the treatment options, activities, and staff to provide you with high-quality drug and alcohol rehab near Tacoma. Consequently, we have the resources to become your partners in recovery. You deserve to live a full life without substance abuse.

We want this to be your first and last recovery. We believe in you.

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At Bayview Recovery

Don’t let drug or alcohol addiction hold your life hostage. You can get the help you need to walk toward freedom. First, start with a call to us at Bayview Recovery at 855.533.0409. With our numerous treatment program options and stunning setting, you can find the support you need in a therapeutic location to make your trip toward recovery a little easier. Find out more about us today to make your recovery possible for your future.

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