Employee Assistance Program

An employee assistance program (EAP) can help identify workers who may need a little extra help with getting treatment for various conditions. If you have one of these at your workplace, consider yourself lucky because you have a simple way to get screened for addiction, mental wellness issues, and more. Additionally, you can learn about resources for how to get help if you need treatment. For more information about your treatment options, contact Bayview Recovery Center today at 855.478.3650.

An employee assistance program is not the same as medical care or insurance. In fact, this type of program specifically addresses mental wellness in the workplace.

First, understand that employee assistance programs are voluntary. You can decide not to participate in the program if you’d like. But participating in an EAP can benefit you. These programs offer free resources to workers. These tools may mitigate the impacts of addiction in the workplace. They can also help with employee emotional or mental wellness concerns.

Secondly, EAPs can provide you with a free screening. Through one of these programs, you can find out if you need help with a specific mental health concern. Additionally, some EAPs will provide temporary, short-term counseling. However, you may need to continue treatment with a more formal program after the brief counseling ends.

Lastly, professionals in charge of the employee assistance program work with managers. This partnership allows EAP counselors to help managers find ways to reduce work stress. Additionally, counselors can help workers who need treatment for substance use disorders or other conditions. If an emergency happens at work, such as an accident or natural disaster, EAP counselors can help employees handle the event’s emotional toll.

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How EAPs Can Identify Addiction in the Workplace

An EAP provides an essential element in helping those with substance abuse or mental health issues: screening. Without identifying those who need help, the sufferers may not recognize the need to seek treatment. Therefore, by offering free screenings for substance use disorders and mental wellness problems, EAPs can help people to get the treatment they need.

When doing an assessment or screening with an EAP, don’t worry about hiding your condition. All answers you provide remain confidential. The program will help you find out if you need to talk to a care provider about treatment.

How an Employee Assistance Program Can Help You

Those who experience substance abuse can find out that they have a severe problem through EAP screening. The program may offer you counseling on finding resources for professional recovery treatment. After you complete a treatment or recovery program, EAP counselors may provide follow-up support or check-ins with you to ensure that you settle back into working after treatment.

While an EAP won’t offer recovery care for substance abuse or mental health concern, it can recommend you to a program that provides treatment options.

At Bayview Recovery, we provide some of the following treatment options:

Therefore, by providing these programs and many other treatment options, we can help you get treatment for addiction in the workplace. When you seek recovery, you can learn steps toward recovery that will help you to be a more efficient, safer employee.

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If your employee assistance program suggests that you need help with substance addiction or mental wellness concerns, contact us at Bayview Recovery at 855.478.3650. You can find out about the many options that we offer for substance use disorder treatment. By getting professional help, you can ensure that your addiction in the workplace doesn’t cause problems for yourself or your coworkers.

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