Holistic drug rehab treats the person as a whole. Western medicine treats people in parts and by their symptoms. A holistic approach to addiction treatment looks to treat the mind and the body. Holistic rehab looks to treat the whole person in many ways, using a multi-pronged approach rather than trying one solution and seeing if it will stick.

What is a Holistic Drug Rehab?

Woman telling her friend about holistic drug rehabIt can be hard to gauge if rehab is holistic from what it has listed on their website unless they specifically cover the topic. If you are looking for a holistic rehab, you should be looking for a rehab that integrates traditional therapy such as one-on-one talk therapy with other types like experiential, or nutritional therapy.

Here are the types of treatment you would expect at a traditional rehab:

At a holistic rehab, you use the techniques above as well as other types of healing activities like:

  • Experiential Therapy (role-playing, art, music, animal exposure, nature exposure)
  • Mindfulness Practices (meditation, yoga, dance, thoughtful action)
  • Nutritional Therapy (learning to feed yourself with nurturing food)

As you can see, holistic addiction treatment is going to focus on treating all aspects of the patient rather than just drilling down to one specific problem. A mindfulness meditation therapy program will help you to identify, work through, and learn to change your responses to situations as you grow. A holistic drug rehab center in Tacoma WA will teach you how to live a better and sober life.

What to Expect at a Holistic Rehab

At a holistic residential rehab, you will commit a certain amount of time to stay at the facility. Most programs last a couple of weeks to a few months, or even longer. The amount of time that you spend is ultimately up to you. Do what you have time for, and if you are stressing out about putting your life on hold, there are addiction treatment programs that last for parts of the day as well.

For most people, the best first step is to enter a detox facility. This can be the rehab that you plan to enter after you are done detoxing, or it can be separate. Detoxing is best done under supervision because you are particularly vulnerable to relapse at this stage. In a detox, you will be in a safe environment, where you will not have access to your substance of choice, and you should have options to make the detoxing process more comfortable.

After detox, you will transition into the rehab situation that you have chosen for yourself and work to change the behaviors that lead you to use. During rehab, you should experience many different types of therapy. These experiences will help you identify which techniques work best for you and what you should be sticking with when you leave your rehab situation.

Most people will not exit rehab and just be cured of their drinking or drug problem. The most important thing to gain from rehab is to learn how you can continue to live a sober life while on your own.

Finding a Holistic Rehab

When you are looking for a rehab that will treat you as a whole, carefully read through websites and reviews to gauge what activities are actually taking place at each facility. Talk to your family doctor or therapist about holistic drug rehab options in your area. Bayview Recovery offers different levels of care in a holistic rehab setting. We encourage patients to give all activities a try. Call us at 855.478.3650 to find out more about our holistic recovery solutions today!