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5 Things to Expect at a Drug Rehab Center in Washington

Although you may know that you need help from an addiction rehab treatment center, you may be nervous about enrolling in a program because you are unsure what to expect. Learning how treatment programs help you overcome drug abuse in WA can put your mind at ease. In other words, you will feel much more […]

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Taking the Steps Towards Rebuilding Relationships

Addiction, unfortunately, results in damaging life, health, relationships, and the capabilities of an addict. With growing awareness of addiction, there have been more comprehensive approaches to help people understand this condition. Rebuilding relationships in recovery is a great way to garner support. A family therapy program can uncover the root causes of addiction. When an

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The Importance of Family Support

Like other mental health conditions, addiction rarely only affects the person struggling with substance abuse. It also impacts their friends and family, damaging the trust and communication the family already had in place and impacting the dynamics at large. If your family member is struggling with addiction, you’re most likely fighting a variety of painful

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Tips for Recognizing Codependency

Codependency is defined as having an excessive psychological and emotional dependency on a partner, typically one who requires support or enabling of an addiction. This particular imbalance in a relationship is harmful to both parties involved; however, the person who is doing the enabling is labeled as being codependent. Recognizing signs of codependency in one

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