September 2022


What to Expect in Yoga Therapy

Substance use disorder can affect your brain, body, and spirit. It’s often accompanied by shame, guilt, and low self-esteem, making recovery challenging. Yoga therapy is one approach to addiction treatment that is growing in popularity due to its ability to address the spiritual component of addiction alongside other therapeutic approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy, detox, […]

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Become Centered Through Yoga Therapy

Whether you struggle with addiction, mental health conditions, or both, there are many negative consequences these disorders can have in your life. Medication and therapy are important components of a treatment plan for mental health and addiction, but complementary therapy, like a yoga therapy program in Tacoma, Washington, can enhance your treatment and make lasting

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dialectical behavior therapy session for dual diagnoses


PCP and LSD are two well-established illicit drugs that are nonetheless overlooked in today’s climate of methamphetamine and opioids. That in no way diminishes the harmful and addictive nature of these substances, but many people are unclear on the differences. Regardless of what substance you or a loved one are struggling with, Bayview Recovery’s substance

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What Are Drug Refusal Skills?

Addiction often starts and continues because people don’t have drug refusal skills that are strong enough. You can master these essential skills to refuse drugs at Bayview Recovery’s medication-assisted treatment center in Washington. Call 855.478.3650 to start on the road to overcoming substance abuse and addiction for good. What Are Drug Refusal Skills? Drug refusal

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benefits of anger management

5 Benefits of Anger Management Therapy

Anger management therapy has proven to be effective for many people. It can help you learn how to express your feelings in a healthy way, cope with stress more effectively, improve your relationships, and prevent unhealthy behaviors like misusing drugs or alcohol. If you have recently found yourself struggling with anger issues, you can learn

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What Can Art Therapy Treat?

Art therapy has been shown to help people with a wide range of problems, from substance use disorders to anxiety and depression. It has also been indicated to help children with autism and ADHD, as well as adults with trauma or serious brain injuries. Art therapy services in Tacoma, Washington can be especially beneficial for people

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