November 2019

Evidence-Based Treatment

You’ll find the words “evidence-based treatment” used throughout drug and alcohol treatment program websites. You’ll also hear these words used along with specific kinds of treatment, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Bayview Recovery is an addiction treatment center with experienced and caring professional staff. They provide evidence-based treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders. What is

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Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies treat all areas of your life. When addiction is involved, holistic medicine focuses on more than just your physical needs. It focuses on feeding your emotional and spiritual life, too. Common components of a holistic treatment program include training in nutrition, exercise, relaxation, social expression, and more. This approach may use medications and behavioral

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Find Hope and Help for PTSD and Alcoholism at Bayview Recovery

PTSD and alcoholism are a common pairing. When dealing with raw feelings, nightmares, and anxiety caused by past trauma, it’s not unusual for someone to turn to alcohol as a buffer. Alcohol makes us feel better in the moment, taking the edge off of worry and stress. Also, it can help us relax enough to socialize around other people when,

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What Is Synthetic Marijuana, and What Risks Does It Pose?

You’ve heard the term, and the name sounds safe. But exactly what is synthetic marijuana? The answer may surprise you. Synthetic marijuana, which attempts to be natural, isn’t. Rather, the only natural part of this product is the plant base on which synthetic chemicals have been sprayed. There’s little-to-no regulation regarding synthetic marijuana, except to say

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Alcoholism and Depression: What’s the Link?

Alcoholism is a substance use disorder. Often occurring alongside alcohol abuse is depression, a mental health disorder. Although alcoholism and depression are two separate disorders, they frequently go hand-in-hand. It is one reason why addiction treatment centers in Tacoma, WA, and nearby cities run a depression treatment program for men and women addicted to alcohol. What is Alcoholism? Alcohol

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THC and vaping

You’ve probably heard news reports about lung problems related to THC and vaping. As of mid-November 2019, over 2,100 people had received treatment for lung injuries from vaping. The illness even has an official name: EVALI. EVALI stands for “e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report

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