July 2021

Understanding the 12-Step Process

When speaking of addiction, many have heard of a 12-Step program like Alcoholics Anonymous, perhaps one of the oldest and most influential models in treating addiction. This peer-based program provides an anonymous, supportive, and safe place to share feelings and experiences that are associated with addiction. The 12-Step program is effective in maintaining sobriety for […]

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Taking the Steps Towards Rebuilding Relationships

Addiction, unfortunately, results in damaging life, health, relationships, and the capabilities of an addict. With growing awareness of addiction, there have been more comprehensive approaches to help people understand this condition. Rebuilding relationships in recovery is a great way to garner support. A family therapy program can uncover the root causes of addiction. When an

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The Importance of Rebuilding Life Skills

Remorse and regret are feelings associated with addictive patterns. Addiction makes those abusing alcohol or substances believe that they will never be happy or confident without using. When dealing with the negative thought patterns that occur in addiction, you begin to become disconnected from your true self. Dependence on substances can diminish your life skills

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