February 2022

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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment, and How Can it Help Me?

Dual diagnosis care is the treatment of addiction along with the other issues and illnesses that often accompany it, including depression and anxiety, as well as other forms of addiction such as gambling and sex addiction. When we’re struggling with addiction, we often are also contending with other equally destructive conditions. Mental health illnesses can

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Signs of Benzo Addiction

Benzodiazepines or “benzos” are prescription drugs prescribed for treating anxiety along with insomnia and muscle tension. While these drugs are only legitimately obtained through prescription, they are often abused because of their tranquilizing effects and ease of availability. Abusing benzos can often develop into a particularly concerning addiction that would require benzo addiction treatment. Additionally,

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How to Treat Adderall Addiction

When people think of drug abuse, their minds typically focus on illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine but tend to overlook prescription medications. While prescription medications are helpful if taken as directed by a doctor, they can be addictive. Unfortunately, because people think prescription medications are generally safe, the potential for abuse or addiction doesn’t

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How Much Does Outpatient Drug Rehab Cost?

The cost of outpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment centers will always vary. However, there is a reputable center available to you. The costs of programs vary depending on what they deliver. Understanding the resources available to you will help you realize that the opportunity to recover from addiction is entirely possible and shouldn’t be

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How to Treat Polysubstance Abuse

Substance abuse affects many people and is often challenging to overcome without proper support. In many situations, individuals use multiple substances at the same time. Using several substances simultaneously, or alternating between drugs and alcohol to combat the side effects of the other, is known as polysubstance abuse. Treating polysubstance abuse in a drug rehab

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Can Substance Abuse Cause Depression?

Substance abuse and mental health issues typically exacerbate one another when left untreated. Therefore, understanding the relationship between substance abuse and mental health disorders can help you successfully identify the root causes of concern. Additionally, substance abuse can cause or amplify certain mood disorders such as depression. Identifying the root causes of both substance abuse

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