marijuana addiction

How Marijuana Can Impact Mental Health

Marijuana is a substance that carries the risk of addiction and dependence. Though many people use it, marijuana and mental health disorders can occur, primarily if they use the drug to hide or treat their underlying condition. If you are facing these complications, now is the time to get help. Mental health treatment allows you […]

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What Does Decriminalization Mean?

At Bayview Recovery, we provide information to help our clients make informed decisions about drug abuse treatment. Understanding how state and federal laws compare can help you understand your rights and the risks you may face in recovery. Decriminalization refers to removing drugs from the list of federally criminalized drugs. Selling, using, or possessing these

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5 Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana first appeared in the 1980s, a byproduct of researchers searching for new ways of treating diseases like multiple sclerosis and HIV. The year 2008 marked the first appearance of the drugs on the market for recreational use in Germany. Synthetic marijuana quickly spread to other markets around the world, eventually becoming a concern for countries

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