What Does Decriminalization Mean?

At Bayview Recovery, we provide information to help our clients make informed decisions about drug abuse treatment. Understanding how state and federal laws compare can help you understand your rights and the risks you may face in recovery. Decriminalization refers to removing drugs from the list of federally criminalized drugs. Selling, using, or possessing these

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Suicide Contagion

Fashion designer Kate Spade killed herself on June 5th and chef Anthony Bourdain did the same thing a few days later. We know that suicide is not like a biological virus that you can catch. However, is suicide contagious if we hear of someone else’s suicide? Reports have shown that suicide has a tendency to

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Diablo Cody Movie Faces Controversy on Postpartum Depression

Even though we know we watch film and television shows for storytelling, audiences tend to take them seriously. Serious subject matters like postpartum depression are not shown very much in entertainment mediums. However, according to the American Psychological Association, postpartum depression affects one in seven women. Diablo Cody’s film, Tully, experienced controversy from mothers. They

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