October 2020

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning to Watch For

If you aren’t careful, a night of so-called carefree drinking can lead to life-threatening physical conditions. Alcohol poisoning happens when an individual consumes too much alcohol during a short period. People can suffer from the illness regardless of their weight, gender, or alcohol tolerance level. Reaching a state where you experience alcohol poisoning can be a sign …

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Holistic Treatment Options

One of the most significant shifts in the philosophy for treating people with addictions is focusing on their entire well-being. In the past, clients could admit themselves to a facility and only receive help for their addiction. Meanwhile, any underlying conditions, such as mental health conditions, could go untreated. Bayview Recovery Center offers a variety …

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5 Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana first appeared in the 1980s, a byproduct of researchers searching for new ways of treating diseases like multiple sclerosis and HIV. The year 2008 marked the first appearance of the drugs on the market for recreational use in Germany. Synthetic marijuana quickly spread to other markets around the world, eventually becoming a concern for countries …

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Different Types of Depression

Most people think of depression by grouping it into two different categories. There is the “regular” depression that most people experience from time to time. Another, more severe condition is called clinical depression, which requires treatment by a mental health professional. Thinking in such a binary way makes it harder to grasp the complexity of …

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The Risks of Self-Medicating

Drugs and alcohol often serve as coping mechanisms for people who have trouble dealing with stress. They’re looking for a way out of their current reality, including issues stemming from past trauma or underlying mental health disorders. Using substances masks the core problems at the root of issues, which means they continue going untreated. At …

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