November 2020

Understanding Process Addictions

A process addiction relates to behaviors that a person feels out of control to stop. Some refer to these as behavioral addictions. Recently, scientists have connected many aspects of these problems to similar brain responses that occur with substance use disorders. Consequently, treatment for a process addiction can follow that of other forms of addiction

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Long-Term Effects of Painkiller Abuse

Painkillers can both improve lives and steal them. When used correctly, they can improve the lives of people with both acute and chronic pain. However, abusing these substances contributes to the development of many effects of painkiller abuse. Since these drugs are often legal to obtain, identifying a problem in yourself or someone else becomes

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PTSD and Drug Addiction

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can occur after experiencing a single traumatic event or a series of them. When the mind has difficulty processing the trauma, it can create extreme emotions or even numbness. Unfortunately, to deal with the effects of the trauma, some people turn to substance use. Therefore, PTSD and drug addiction can happen

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