April 2021

Commonly Abused Club Drugs by Students

Club drugs are often used by teens and young adults who frequent bars or nightclubs. They are often available at parties as well as concerts. These drugs carry several risks with them, including combinations that are not easy to identify. Consuming these drugs puts you at risk of addiction and overdose but also trauma and …

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Understanding the Signs of Addiction

Addiction isn’t always easy to see. Some people use drugs or alcohol for years and manage it well enough that they are able to work, engage with other people, and meet most expectations. Yet, over time, this will worsen, especially as tolerance and dependence grow. If you see the signs of addiction in yourself or …

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Benefits of a Sponsor After Rehab

Working through addiction treatment takes time and significant amounts of work. In therapy, you’ll have a professional team to guide and support you through the process. This part of the process is the hardest. However, once you are ready to embrace life without a team of constant professionals to help you, you’ll still need that …

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Observing World Health Day

April 7, 2021 marks the 71st anniversary of World Health Day. The World Health Organization began this tradition back in 1950 to celebrate the founding of the global health agency. This year’s theme is “Building a Healthier, Fairer World.” At Bayview Recovery in Washington, we commemorate the occasion by stressing the importance of personal and …

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