What Is Suboxone?

If you are curious about trying medication-assisted treatment services in Tacoma, Washington, you may wonder how medication can help you overcome addiction. Certain prescription drugs have the ability to replace highly addictive drugs to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal and cravings. They do so by producing a mild high that is less dangerous and addictive. […]

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Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Safe?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a type of addiction and mental health treatment that combines the use of prescription medications and therapy. The drugs used in MAT help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Some people have concerns over whether medication-assisted treatment is safe and effective. If you are thinking about trying medication-assisted treatment in Washington, keep

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Stimulant Addiction

3 Common Medications Used in MAT

In Tacoma, Washington, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be used to help people overcome opioid and alcohol addiction. Drugs used in MAT are carefully selected based on your individual recovery needs. Most help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms but do so differently. When you enroll in MAT in Tacoma, Washington, your care team will design a

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What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

What is MAT, and what does it have to do with addiction recovery? Addiction is a complex disease, and it can be challenging to overcome, especially on your own. With the advances in addiction treatment, you no longer have to struggle through an unbearable detox to start your recovery. FDA-approved medications are now available to

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Medication Therapy Management vs. MAT

Medication therapy management and medication-assisted treatment are two different treatment strategies for people struggling with substance use disorder. Both programs aim to improve client comfort and recovery maintenance. However, MTM focuses on treating physical and mental health conditions, while MAT addresses drug or alcohol addiction by using medications in combination with behavioral therapies. Learn more

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What to Expect in Medication-Assisted Treatment

What is MAT, and how can it help you overcome addiction? MAT, or medication-assisted treatment, utilizes specific medications to help you stay more comfortable as you withdraw from opioids. If you need the support of medication to overcome opioid use disorder, a Tacoma, Washington, medication-assisted treatment program could be right for you. At Bayview Recovery,

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Preparing for Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is an important aspect of managing the symptoms of substance use disorder and relapse prevention. It can also help people who have been in recovery for some time and are still experiencing symptoms. What is MAT, and what makes it different from other forms of addiction treatment? What do you need to know

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