5 Signs of Alcoholism in Women

Alcohol use disorder is a disease that can affect anyone, but there are some signs of alcoholism that are more common in women than men. Although many symptoms of alcohol abuse in women and men are similar, women tend to have more physical problems at lower levels of alcohol consumption than men do. To protect […]

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The Importance of a Relapse Prevention Plan

In the world of addiction, a relapse is when you return to using and abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Additionally, you begin to relapse when you once again partake in the risky behaviors you engaged in during your addiction before you started walking on the path toward recovery. Because relapses are common, relapse prevention is essential

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Celebrating A Sober New Year

Several task force agencies warn against heavy drinking, including binge drinking, which costs the United States billions of dollars every year. Alcohol abuse resulted in lost wages or affected work productivity, costs related to criminal justice, healthcare, and other expenses. The new year is often a time that is incredibly difficult for individuals with alcohol

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3 Sober Activities for the Holidays

If you are in recovery, remaining sober during the holidays can seem challenging, but you are not alone. You may find that alcohol’s presence appears at many festivities or celebrations during the holiday season, but it doesn’t mean you have to consume alcohol to enjoy yourself. If you reminisce on your most cherished memories of

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3 Benefits of Dual Diagnosis for Your Mental Health

Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction is always challenging. However, those who deal with more than one issue may find themselves in a uniquely demanding predicament. Recovery from two or more elements, whether drugs or a mental illness, requires a custom-built and highly individualized program. A dual diagnosis treatment program helps patients achieve sobriety

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Enjoying a Sober Halloween

Halloween is the start of the holiday season and is the first of many important days that people celebrate with one another. Even though celebrating might feel different this year due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s best to stay prepared if you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. The holiday season can prove to

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