Man putting hand on friend's shoulder in attempt to prevent suicide

How to Prevent Someone From Committing Suicide

You may think that it is impossible to know when someone is thinking about committing suicide. It may be hard if that person appears happy and you cannot see any signs of depression. However, if you have a feeling that someone is suicidal, never leave that person alone. Also, do everything in your power to […]

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Bipolar Disorder vs. Depression

Depression and bipolar disorder are both severe mental health disorders that can disrupt your life and cause many symptoms. However, they are very different conditions. Understanding the difference between bipolar disorder vs. depression can guide you toward the appropriate treatment so you can find relief from your symptoms. Whether you are struggling with depression or

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What Can Art Therapy Treat?

Art therapy has been shown to help people with a wide range of problems, from substance use disorders to anxiety and depression. It has also been indicated to help children with autism and ADHD, as well as adults with trauma or serious brain injuries. Art therapy services in Tacoma, Washington can be especially beneficial for people

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Is PHP Right For Me?

Finding the right treatment program is one of the most important parts of recovery from substance use disorders or mental health conditions. A partial hospitalization program in Washington can provide the most effective treatment for some people. If you aren’t familiar with partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), you may be wondering what a PHP is, and

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5 Tips to Stop Isolating

Isolation is often a natural response to depression since it saps your energy and drains your motivation to interact with others. However, tackling isolation is crucial because long-term isolation and depression can adversely affect your physical and mental health. If you show signs of isolation, seek help from a depression treatment center to start turning

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