How is Insecurity Related to Addiction?

How is Insecurity Related to Addiction?

Our addictions can develop for many reasons. For some of us, our addictions manifested from our lack of self-love and self-acceptance. Addiction is often about trying to numb ourselves from our pain, and for many of us that pain comes from our insecurity, our lack of self-worth and our low self-esteem.

Our insecurities can come from anywhere. If we experienced a loss or separation in our families, especially at a young age, we can become convinced that it was our fault, and we see it as evidence that we are inherently unworthy. Similarly, any traumatic experience we go through can become reason for us to believe we are unlovable or inadequate. If we were abused, neglected, rejected, criticized or bullied, we can internalize the way we were treated as proof that we are somehow deserving of that treatment and therefore not good enough.

We develop deep insecurities about who we are, about our flaws and imperfections, and about our lives and our purpose. Sometimes we feel so low and so down on ourselves that we give up on ourselves altogether. We fall into deep depressions, and we turn to anything we can find to make us feel better. For many of us, this leads to self-destructive and compulsive behaviors which can very easily become addictive. We use drugs, alcohol, sex and other substances and behaviors to numb our pain, to try to make ourselves feel better, to get back the sense of security we’ve lost. We become disconnected from our inner strength and emotional resilience.

We think that these things outside of ourselves will make us feel better, and in the moment they provide a temporary sense of escape, but with time we see that nothing can fill our inner voids for us. We have to fill them ourselves. We have to learn who we are from the inside out, and we have to learn to love ourselves if we want to feel true happiness. Our insecurities and our fears of inadequacy and unworthiness are very often the destructive forces that are driving our addictions. Healing these fears empowers us to shed our self-destructiveness and self-harm.

Start noticing how you think, feel and talk about yourself. Are you encouraging or disparaging? Are your self-perceptions true or are they based on illusion and fear? Choose to become your own ally. Think about the things you love about yourself and are grateful for. Explore your fears and insecurities in therapy. Change your self-talk to affirm and support yourself. “I am good enough. I love myself. I am blessed. I am strong. I am destined for wonderful things.”

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