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What Is Seasonal Depression?

During the winter months, there is reduced light and shorter days. The phenomenon can affect some people, causing turmoil in their day-to-day activities. Such people suffer seasonal depression that occurs at specific times of the year. Those with loved ones who have this disorder may fail to understand the cause of their loved ones’ extreme …

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3 Mental Health Tips to Help with Suicidal Thoughts

Depression and sadness can become completely overwhelming, causing you to feel that there is no hope or reason to live. In moments of immense pain, it may seem impossible that depression can be treated and happiness restored. Suicidal thoughts do not make you crazy or flawed. It just means that you are dealing with symptoms …

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What Is High Functioning Anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural emotion that manifests from time to time in everyone throughout life when faced with stress or nervousness. However, there are around a few million people who experience anxiety beyond the typical occurrences. Anxiety can often be debilitating due to extreme worry or fear. Having an anxiety disorder is an all-encompassing term …

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World Mental Health Day

The theme of World Mental Health Day 2021 is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World.’ 2020 highlighted global inequalities due to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and the lack of human rights in some countries. These inequalities have a substantial impact on mental health. The world also faced the COVID-19 pandemic, which further highlighted the …

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Alcoholism and Depression: What’s the Link?

Alcoholism is a substance use disorder. Often occurring alongside alcohol abuse is depression, a mental health disorder. Although alcoholism and depression are two separate disorders, they frequently go hand-in-hand. It is one reason why addiction treatment centers in Tacoma, WA, and nearby cities run a depression treatment program for men and women addicted to alcohol. What is Alcoholism? Alcohol …

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Depression in Men

Many men are afraid to let people know about their depression because men are expected to be tough with their feelings. According to, over five million men suffer with depression in the United States. It is important for men to have the courage to admit that they have depression so that they can do …

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